Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones ~ Carole Herman

Dr. Paul Byrne and Bernice Jones from Life Guardian Foundation, “Why you do NOT want to be an organ donor”, were Deanna’s first guests today. (MP3)
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Carole Herman, founder and president of Foundation Aiding The Elderly was Deanna’s guest for two hours today. “FATE” has been providing FREE information, counseling, advice, referrals and other resources to those dealing with elder abuse or mistreatment for more than thirty years. (MP3)

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  1. It was good information to learn that nursing homes routinely put people on psyche drugs — which are different than the SSRIs (which are bad enough) … but that psyche drugs cause people to fall down and not even to be able to swallow. Seems like once that happens, all the patient “rights” that may be in the regulations are a moot point. The other point your guest from FATE said that got my attention, she said “nobody is paying attention to the laws and regulations.”

    We are all being set up to spend the last days of our lives in a hospital or nursing home, drugged to the max, and with a network of “medical racketeers” (as one caller put it) bilking the taxpayer for as much money as they can run up the bill for.

    This program was enough to scare anybody into taking another second and serious look at the warnings of Dr. Daniels that we should NOT get health insurance. If we have no insurance, we will actually get consulted and the doctor will actually try to get us well; otherwise, he doesn’t get paid. She says do not sign any agreements, and make everything contingent on you getting well and getting out and getting home before anybody gets paid, and do not sign anything.

    Dr. Daniels says that a hospital has to admit you even if you don’t sign off on their papers. She warns us NOT to sign off, even and ESPECIALLY if you do indeed have health insurance, because this will put you in greatest danger of Standard of Care murder by medicine.

    Pretty interesting show.


  2. I’d be interested to know the opinion of Dr. Byrne and Bernice Jones on Whitney Houston’s daughter, if the organ harvesting industry got to make a small fortune on that poor girl.


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