Spingola and Friends, #48

Deanna talked about numerous issues and events, including Sandy Hook. The title of today’s program is, “Okay, let’s talk about Sandy Hook”. Please view Deanna’s Sandy Hook Research and Notes particularly the page titled Wolfgang Halbig Asks Deanna to Stop Asking Questions and Critiquing Smallstorm’s Video Delphi/Censorship Operation. After all, truth does not fear investigation!!!! Deanna recommends that people listen to her program from February 20th, 2014 about Sandy Hook. (MP3)

2 comments on “Spingola and Friends, #48

  1. I appreciate Ms. Spingola’s work and objective search for the truth.
    Her critical focus on big pharma’s poisoning of western societies is certainly justified.
    I just have one question concerning Sandy Hook: where are the surveillance photos/videos of Adam Lanza entering Sandy Hook Elementary School with his bushmaster and handguns?
    Until I see such material, maintaining a general skeptical stance seems most rational.


  2. I readily admit that I have not done the extensive research on this topic that Ms. Spingola apparently has.
    Nevertheless, that doesn’t exclude me from applying logical thought to the matter.

    It seems to me that the Sandy Hook incident serves three basic purposes for zog (these purposes would work on the lemming majority regardless of whether the incident actually took place or not).

    1. Pretext for restrictive gun legislation (Cuomo).
    2. Normalize/reward passivity (love in response to terror).
    3. Normalize communism/unquestioning trust in government.

    Ms. Spingola’s intellectually stimulating and quite refreshing angle that the incident was real and that elements of the alternative media works as false opposition, hired and instructed to create red herrings to cover for big pharma … well, that doesn’t necessarily rule out the three main objectives mentioned above, does it?

    IMO, zog media could very well downplay any pharmaceutical angle to cover for their accomplices in big pharma and pursue their gun-grabbing/communitarian propaganda simultaneously. — I don’t see a necessary contradiction here.

    Again: it is important for me to stress that such propaganda would work on the majority of the sheeple, regardless of the supposed reality or fabrication of the incident.


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