One comment on “Friday, Dr. Walter M. Brasch

  1. I have property located in the same rich natural gas area your guest spoke of, but it’s NYS. People think they will “get rich” if they have gas and oil on their property. Won’t happen. The oil companies drill down on one person’s property, and then go horizontally through everyone else’s property, need no permission and give no remuneration. But they spoil the water table. Water is more necessary than gas and oil. The amount of money paid for the right to put in a well is not worth the destruction of property and the water table, but if the state and local governments don’t outright ban the fracking there will always be a greedy landowner who will go for the fast money and ruin it for everyone else.

    Deanna, you are a saint to find these guests and bring them on to help people. Truth is a wonderful thing, and one small voice of Truth can topple an army of greedy liars.


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