Thursday, Deanna ~ Sandy Hook (3)

Deanna talked about her ongoing research into the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting and her critique of the video presentation given by Sophia Smallstorm regarding what may or may not have happened in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. (MP3)
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  1. “Smallstorm said that Sandy Hook was an MCI – Start Triage is used at all MCIs. Start means Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment. She says that they did not use Start Triage at Sandy Hook. The few red and yellow tarps on the ground were empty and they did not bring any bodies out of the school. Of course not, twenty-four people were dead.”

    Who declared the people dead? EMS workers do not have the authority to declare someone dead in Connecticut.


    • “Who did Smallstorm think they were going to transport in the “trauma helicopters”, the eighteen dead children and the six dead staff members?”

      No, it was a much better idea to leave the children stacked in the school. Then move their bodies out in the middle of the night.

      Who pronounced the children dead?


  2. Deanna, That show was a complete waste of my time. I don’t know what “sofia smallstorm” claims… I don’t know who Mark S Mann is or what he claimed nor do I care. I trust Fetzer about as far as I could throw him (zip). But Dr. Wood pointed the way to the truth you (we) both seek. Look at the evidence… all of it. Don’t pick and choose. What do we know absolutely? What is questionable? I have followed Dr. Judy Wood’s reasoning and have concluded to my satisfaction that Sandy Hook and Boston were hoaxed. By whom? For what reason? Like Dr. Judy Woods concludes on 9/11… who know? That is speculation. You need to better organize your thoughts for presentation. Don’t read to us! Try this formula… tell us what you’re going to tell us… tell us… then tell us what you told us. Provide only verifiable facts to make your case. Spare us your personal opinions. Just a suggestion


    • Seriously, how do people who believe what you wrote even make it in todays world? Sandy Hook and Boston were hoaxes-this-despite the fact that life and limb were lost? Ms. Woods 9/11 theory (that’s to strong of a word) has been laughed at as bizarre ramblings and total nonsense.


  3. Anybody who believes Smallstorm after her big fairy tale 9/11 Mysteries pack of lies probably still believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny also.

    Remember Small storm said the workers were coming in at night to plant explosives all through Building 7, that the buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition? Only problem, there were no blinding flashes of lights, no ear splitting explosions like you would hear for 100 miles, and no heat. Also no rubble. Some of us bought her story (and it really was a story) weren’t thinking, weren’t paying attention, and had not at that time been presented with the clear evidence compiled from the huge amount of on-the-scene evidence compiled after the fact, from pictures and interviews, transcripts and audios. An expert in forensics and materials, a Ph.D. expert one Dr. Judy Wood who is uniquely qualified to examine the evidence from such a huge crime scene, to document and discuss and put into perspective the many anomalies (ie 1500 toasted and wilted cars within a half-mile radius, the levitated people and cars, the MISSING buildings, and there were 7 buildings not 3 as Smallstorm fibbed to us)…well, Dr. Wood has given us the real truth of what happened on 9/11, no guesswork, just the facts, ma’am…and the facts were NOTHING as Sofia Smallstorm so confidently told us in her 9/11 so-called “documentary”.

    So why would anybody listen to this woman now on Sandy Hook? Did Smallstorm interview the eye witnesses, take any pictures? Does she have anything other than rumors and conjecture this time? Answer: No.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Sandy Hook is surreal, just like all these killings are going back to JFK assassination — but do we look to people like Sofia Smallstorm and the rest of the fake 9/11 Truth Movement to give us the truth? ha ha ha ha ha

    Controlled opposition much?


  4. Deanna in her 15 Jan show
    beginning at 12:20:

    ” […] I believe that on December 14 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children, and 6 adult staff members, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, which was founded in 1705, which had a population in 2012 of 28,042 people. Before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy, and as first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Friends and family attended the many funerals that were held. There were people that were killed. There were funerals. […]”

    Notice, this statement ^ contains all the core elements of’s official S.Hoax story.

    Same show at 29:00, Deanna addresses a chat room question:

    ” Somebody in the chat room just said, ‘Deanna, I agree that they are covering for SSRIs, but there is more to it than just that. There is too much that just does not add up.’

    I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you.

    And sorry no source ref’s at the moment, but those following this saga know Deanna has repeatedly declared to the effect of, ‘I never said I support the government’s Sandy Hook Story!’. I distinctly recall her writing this in a Mamis comment, though finding WHICH SHOW would require more time than I have atm.

    So this seeming “supporting of both sides” beckons the question, on which “S.Hoax anomalies” issues are you in support of S.Hoax skeptics? Which specific aspects of’s official S.Hoax narrative do you disbelieve (ref: ‘I never said I support the government’s Sandy Hook Story!’)? Where do you and the S.Hoax skeptics share common ground?


  5. What evidence is there that 26 people were shot dead at the Sandy Hook School on December 14th 2012?
    Putting aside all the inconsistencies and absolute absurdities, show us the evidence.
    What evidence is there?


  6. Deanna has done a great job bringing honest reporters in to present the real facts on Sandy Hook. Not as exciting as Smallstorm’s and Fetzer’s wild stories, but just the facts, just the facts. Nothing beats the truth. The Boston Marathon was hoaxed, a government psy ops, and the real massacre there was of the poor Muslim men who got blamed, their family pretty much destroyed by the whole thing. What a tragedy.

    We know Fetzer and Smallstorm are working for the Banksters to cover up for the Military Industrial Complex and their DEW weapons. I guess they figure if they spread confusion and disinformation everywhere that people will be so confused that people will just throw up their hands and give up ever knowing what’s true about anything.

    The main story we all have to keep our eyes on and keep digging for the truth and trying to wake up our neighbors about is 9/11. People must wake up and realize the kind of weapons the NWO has to use against us, and the extent of their media hold to spread lies. Anybody who looks into Dr. Judy Wood’s work will want to be taking their TV sets out to the curb, using a sledge hammer on them (so they don’t hurt anybody else), and let the trash man take them to the land fills.

    I also recommend staying away from Joo Tube and Joogle unless you know what you’re looking for. Or if you’re just looking for information on cooking or gardening or how to fix a leaky faucet. When it comes to science or what’s really going on in the world, better know what you’re looking for or you’ll get scammed. There’s so much paid disinfo on YouTube it’s not even funny.

    Silvia Smallstorm — who is she? Who fed her the script for her 9/11 Mysteries piece of disinfo Disneyland fairy tale nonsense? Three guesses. Same with Alex Jones, and, hey, there aren’t many we can trust. Thank God for Deanna Spingola.

    I’m sick and tired of the Fake Truth Movement, all these lies, dirty tricks, and the evil Gangster Banksters who think they can buy anybody and pay anybody to do anything. Some of us know there’s an eternity that is more real than real, and that this life is just a test — and all these clever liars won’t feel very clever when they get their eternal rewards for their evil lies and deceptions.


  7. Silvia Smallstorm? I can’t see how anyone could believe that the Boston bombing was a hoax but Sandy Hook wasn’t. Every aspect of it is questionable, every aspect throws up dozens of questions, inconsistencies and absurdities. That would not happen if it were genuine. And even all that aside, we require hard evidence and there’s none, absolutely none.


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