Thomas Goodrich and Paul English — 1 Comment

  1. That was so interesting again. I love listening to you.
    I am covered with books, and I love to read, but I am also looking always for Audio or Radio Shows, because then I still can do all the work, I have to do. Thank you for making a German translation. Thank you so much, dear friends.

    We are in very interesting times. What really gives me hope: few days ago Mainstream Radio in North Rhine Westfalia was complaining that more than 50% of German people do not believe official Version of wars and they do not trust governments at all. (That means at least every second German – probably much more, they do not dare to say that.) Now they want to find ways to change that. Because its getting to “dangerous“. But I am very sure, its to late for them. If their brainwash didn’t worked until now, it certainly won‘t work today.

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