Deanna and Listeners — 2 Comments

  1. Deanna…… I’ve read in several articles that the State of Israel is now training police forces across the US. Do you know anything about this? If it is true, I’m sure it would explain why our whole system of law enforcement from the apprehension, arrest & prosecution to the prison system being privatized has been changing in ways that are going unnoticed. I was going to say the apprehension & arrest of criminals but it’s obvious that so many so called criminals are not the true perpetrators but are the true victims of a corrupt system. Have you heard about this? Thanks for all you do to educate us with truth.

  2. You are absolutely correct. Using a search engine brought up dozens of articles testifying to the fact that the IDF trains US police officers. I thought it would be interesting and timely to hear the “other side.” Recently, more and more police officers are shot and killed – perhaps because of the increased militarization of the police. Thanks for your comment and your support of my radio program.

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