Wendy Cicchetti

Long time friend Wendy Cicchetti who was also a member of the Mormon church at the time when Deanna was attending there talked about child sexual abuse and its aftermath with relation to her family’s history of practicing Mormonism before she left the church. (MP3)
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Scheduled guest James Kouri was not available. Deanna took a call from Andy in Texas and Mark from Philadelphia also called in. (MP3)

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  1. Wow, Deanna. I didn’t know you had been a Mormon. My sister is in that too – but is becoming disenchanted. Mormonism is really atheism – if you define ‘atheism’ as not believing in a Creator God. Mormons believe matter is self-existent, not created, and that many ‘gods’ evolved from the matter. They did get things a bit backwards on that one. And Joseph Smith and his followers were ambushing wagon trains coming West, killing the people and stealing their goods, their wagons and horses. He was a Freemason, and Mormonism is really Freemasonry disguised as something else. He was a wacko, dug up his entire back yard because he was looking for buried treasure, and figured if he kept digging long enough he’d find it. If wishes were horses…


  2. Deanna – such an interesting history. Wendy is such an impressive person. I would love to hear more about your personal experiences while in the church. Are your children still members? How did the religion effect your relationships with family and otherwise? Were you able to keep your own children safe from the church like Wendy did? Did your husband ever come to his senses and leave the church? Did your kids marry within the church and if so, do you still have a relationship with them now that you left? How did you treat non members when you were LDS? And most importantly, did leaving the church improve your life. Listening to the show left me wanting more and feeling like you had more to add in terms of your own personal experiences. If not on the show, maybe a blog? I think your story would help a lot of us who struggled our way down this difficult path.


  3. Wendy is a delightful person. My Mormon husband and I divorced in 1988. I got a job which changed the dynamics of our relationship – I made more money than he did and though I did not make an issue of it, that situation really marginalized him. Within a year, he resumed his relationship with his married high school sweetheart which led to two divorces. His new wife joined the church and they are active therein. The church is a good place for him to excel. My divorce, as well as other issues, initiated my negative feelings against the church. My two biological children have both formally left the church. I would never let a religion alter my relationship with family members. My father joined the church when I was in my late teens and my mother gave up drinking and smoking. They were active for about fifteen years and then left. Admittedly, leaving the church was a difficult thing to do because I was born into it. My ancestors on my mother’s side were first and second generation Americans, Mormon converts from Denmark and England. Though my mother was a Jack Mormon (non-compliant) during my early years, the basic concepts and mentality were there. I am currently researching and writing a book that will show that the LDS is a total fraud. It is not a church; it is a corporation.


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