Clint Richardson

Deanna’s guest this afternoon was Clint Richardson, producer of The Corporation Nation. Clint is in the process of bringing to print in the near future his new book which you may view in its current, not yet finished format here. He has also just released a new video, Vote N.O.T.A. For President In 2016. At the forefront of today’s discussion was Clint’s research into the history of the Mormon Corporation. (MP3)

One comment on “Clint Richardson

  1. What is this man blathering on about?! The Queen of England is not governed by the pope! Has he never heard of the so-called “Glorious Revolution”? If the monarch of Britain is subservient to the pope, why is the monarch not allowed to be Catholic or married to a Catholic?
    If the Vatican is all powerful, why were its pederasty scandals splashed all over the Jewish controlled media?!
    Richardson understands as much about papal infallibility as I do about astro-physics.
    Deanna, please insist that he does his homework before guesting on your show again.


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