Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom ~ Bernice Jones

Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom joins Deanna for two hours this afternoon to talk about his new booklet, How Britain Initiated both World Wars. (MP3)

Bernice Jones from the Life Guardian Foundation visited with Deanna during hour three to talk about the profitable practice of organ harvesting. (MP3)

3 comments on “Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom ~ Bernice Jones

  1. It’s always the Jews — with their Jewish or nonJewish minion$ — sellouts, who would sell the world out if they could get a cheap bonus for it. Churchill the monster, FDR the Devil, Wilson, TR — and others like them, whose names will go down in infamy. Arrange an incident and you’re on with the bloodbath. World tyranny, massive depopulation, adoration of Lucifer —

    But in the end God will right things. Bible prophecy says we are in the last days, and the prophesied Wormwood/Nibiru planet now in our solar system and crossing the solar ecliptic (aka Red Dragon in Rev. 12 skysign) will topple the plans of the God-haters.

    The one world government that Tower of Babel tried to establish way back in the beginning is going for a second try. But it’s not going to happen and the evil manipulators of WWI and WWII that caused and facilitated these terrible wars will have to answer for all of it.


  2. I would like to ask Dr. Paul Byrne these questions. I understand that Bernice didn’t get her son back for a proper funeral, which tells me they are doing more than harvesting organs. I believe they are taking the blood and eating the human flesh. Do we have any hard evidence they eat human meat and blood, other than circumcision?


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