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  1. This guy was raised a luciferian, so he didn’t want to be a christian because he knew all the reasons why he didn’t want to be that, so he becomes a shamanist and practices magic. He really is missing what christianity teaches. He isn’t any better off than when he was a luciferian. I feel sorry for his life with these evil people, but he still is a practicing homosexual. I don’t know about you, but to me this is a problem in this country and the government is using it to weaken the straight people’s morale. We see this in many other areas like gun control, abortion, out right lies and crimes people in the government are doing. If he wants to help get rid of these evil people that are doing these things, practicing homosexualality is not on the side of those who want to stop this. Being an atheist or a buddha or a shamanist isn’t going to help. We need solid christians, who still believe in family values and want to have a government and country like we thought we were building, as you well know, that they were just playing us along and laughing at us.

    • “This guy” (he has a name, David, you know) survives going through hell which few people could manage (how about you?), and you can do no more than criticize him. Is this an example of the Christianity that you are advancing, Tim?

      • Yes it’s an example. He doesn’t want to be a Christian because the luciferians did a bunch of things to him, turned him into a homosexual and made him participate in sacrifices to evil, so I guess that’s a good reason for him to tell everyone that he knows all the bad things about Christianity so he doesn’t want anything to do with it, “Uh I think I’ll become a shaman and practice magic instead. After all everyone was a pagan at one time.” People don’t listen to this, we all have been to church growing up and those were not bad things we were doing, we all had big smiles, said hello to each other, and went home. We didn’t go out and beat up gays or refuse to do business with them. If there were people like that, they didn’t do it around us. He wants to blame every bad thing on what some individuals do on every Christian. We hear it all the time now. They’re just using it to get sympathy and don’t realize that they are hurting innocent people to get what they want.

        • I am very pleased you had a relatively pleasant upbringing, Tim. It does have its drawbacks though, in understanding how our society, our world, really works. I shall keep you in my prayers.

    • It is apparent that you have not read David’s book. He does not criticize Christianity. No one can possibly understand nor should anyone attempt to judge someone who has experienced the horrific situations that David and many other people have lived through. So, he is a practicing homosexual. I really doubt that David is contributing to the decline of America because of this choice, undoubtedly a consequence of his experiences. He does not promote it or encourage others to adopt a homosexual lifestyle. I am not sure what you think a “solid Christian” is but some of the most-devoted Christians that I am aware of embrace various aspects of the NWO, either out of ignorance or because they are part of and benefit from it. David’s intuitive information and his perseverance is admirable. He overcame or is continuing to overcome the inhumane treatment that he received. He also had to physically and emotionally escape the position to which he was assigned by his father and local Luciferians from his birth. A person with a compromised character, including many Christians, would have exploited the situation for their own riches and benefits. He didn’t! David, despite what his parents did to him, was forgiving and respectful to them. He took care of his alcoholic mother in her last years, not out of obligation but because, despite everything, he forgave her. He courageously wrote a lengthy letter to his father describing his feelings about what his father had done. I think that David has courage and has written a book that is certain to help others in their search for answers and in their own relationship with God.

  2. Ok I admit it, I’m being to harsh on him and I should look for his good points. I will visit his website and if I see it is a helpful site I will get his book and read his story.

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