Maureen Ferguson ~ Open Line Friday

Maureen Ferguson of The Catholic Association was Deanna’s guest for just thirty minutes this evening to talk about abortion, women’s health and: Why the Supreme Court should uphold Texas law. (MP3)

For the remainder of today’s broadcast Deanna took calls from listeners on various subjects. (MP3)

One comment on “Maureen Ferguson ~ Open Line Friday

  1. Good show. If the unborn baby is being hurt in the womb and it feels pain, I would think that it is a form of child abuse. It is obviously alive and conscience and aware of its surroundings. They call it murder if the abortive baby is born alive and the doctor snips its spine, but as long as it hasn’t poked its head out, the doctor can do what ever he wants to the baby to kill it.
    I’m against abortion, but I see the emotional issues that woman have to face when the baby was conceived under a bad circumstance, (rape, under age, ect.). I know that they already have laws (or I think they do anyways) about third term abortions. But they should carry the laws further about where they can have the abortions, when they can have them, and what circumstances qualify for an abortion. To abort a baby 9 months old because at the last minute you decide not to want it, or some thrill seeking oddball that wants to kill a baby, by abortion for a laugh, isn’t good in my view.
    The state seems to want to meddle in family’s business quite a bit now a days. They want to take your child away, for spanking them or for yelling at them, they seem so concerned for the child’s welfare, but they will let unqualified doctors, in filthy places, abort babies that are capable of living outside the womb.
    I enjoy your show, the ad that is for your book, The greatest lie ever told…that vaccines are safe and effective, makes me sick. I keep looking over at that baby with all the needles going into him.

    (Editor’s note:) That is not an ad.


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