Deanna, Open Lines

On this open line Friday broadcast Deanna took calls from listeners. Topics of discussion included the revelations of Dr. Richard Day, the death of Antonin Scalia and a couple of other caller’s topics of choice. (MP3)
References: New Order of Barbarians – transcript of tapes I-III, Disclosures From an Insider
Death of Patton ~ Stephen J. Skubik 1993
Turpentine: The Candida Cleaner

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  1. Everytime I watch another flat earth video, they never make sense to me. I’ve done research long enough to know that if its truthful it is self-evident. Even if the subject is arcane like Judy Wood, but in 10 minutes you know exactly what she’s talking about because her truth is self-evident, where did the towers go? I’ve been fighting with the flat earthers and I am calling it a hoax. I want to be the first to say it. The word firmament was taken from old astronomy when ancients could not understand what held the stars and the planets up as opposed to let’s say an electromagnetic field. I also study magic and illusion, the point of magic is to make you believe something that is impossible for example Criss Angel going through a wood chipper and coming out alive. The thing with the flat earth people is they don’t even know what they’re talking about. They never can explain to me really what the flat earth looks like in their own words all they know is it’s flat. If the moon was not a sphere, it would not Crescent which is the angle of incidence of light striking the moon. Another observation is they always have spinning objects and imagery in there videos and sometimes really loud noisy music which is a distraction to me. Their presentations are never really clear to me and I believe if you are going to show somebody something you must reduce it to layman’s terms. And they are not doing this but they insist the earth is flat! I think they’re too embarrassed to admit they’re wrong so they have to keep insisting it exists like UFOs and aliens, the more you talk about it the more you believe it even if its not true.


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