Spingola and Friends, #92 — 3 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed this show Deanna. Both you and your guest James complimented each others historical prowess. Just as someone that is a master of their craft or discipline makes it look or seem easy to the untrained, so too is the imparting of these truths in the hands of great researchers of integrity.

  2. Is Jim jewish, since his last name can be jewish?

    Nonetheless, this was one of your best, most honest, truth-filled shows, Deanna.

    “The jews are guilty of all evil” just as Christ tells us, and he should know, in Matt 23:35, since Christ created them, and the righteous, as well.

    Christ must heal his entire self (Luke 4:23) now and forever, in his all-powerful name, Amen and Amen!!!

    Basically all of the white people ( have been genocided, and there are not enough of us righteous to feed (bless) the entire creation, any longer.

    Christ must act now!!!

    PS Jesuits are all 100% demon-jews, as you know.

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