One comment on “Spingola and Friends, #85

  1. Thank you for sharing from your book, Deanna. Heartbreaking and disturbing stuff — and seems like all of us are touched by this stuff in one way or another. The video games, the toxins, the vaccines, and most of all the psyche drugs. It’s so evil. Why people would be jumping in to cover all this up is more than a mystery. Is it money, or they want attention, or they are siding with a lifestyle they are in themselves? Is it love of the Dark Side?

    None of us are getting younger, and the thought of someday being in the clutches of people with hypos and psyche drugs is nightmarish.

    I think parents should protect their kids from video games, put them in private school or homeschool, and families need to live in covenanted and/or intentional communities with people of shared values if they want to protect themselves and their children. The culture is too destructive, too weird, occultic, and corrupt. I don’t see any hope for it, sorry. It’s too far gone. People are not in their right minds. America has lost its mind and its soul.

    You are amazing to have uncovered all this information and to have the courage to present it, even to read from your book to an audience that is not happy or wanting to know about these horrors.


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