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Deanna’s guest was Jan Irvin, publisher of Gnostic Media, Trivium Education, and co-author of Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering. They discussed his recent article, Spies in Academic Clothing: The Untold History of MKULTRA and the Counterculture – And How the Intelligence Community Misleads the 99%. (MP3)

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  1. I highly appreciate Mr. Irvin’s research … especially his revelations concerning the top-down social control involved in the 1960’s counter-cultural “revolution” is historically groundbreaking and potentially seminal.
    I don’t want to sound hyperbolic here, but I would probably rank his work on this matter up there with historical revisionism. It could contribute to saving western civilization if disseminated correctly.
    One aspect of his world-view which always seemed inhibited and slightly dogmatic to me, however, has been his seemingly rigid refusal to acknowledge the relevance of RACE. –A last residual taboo; a vestigial anathema of his former PC indoctrination perhaps.
    This interview seems to indicate that he has evolved somewhat on that front.
    Good for him. A logical progression for the true freethinker, surely.
    Better late than never.


  2. Why does this guest attach his name to the word ‘gnostic’ —

    Second question: Why does he claim to be against hallucinogenic drugs, but when asked about legalizing marijuana he plays dumb and starts talking about legalizing hemp? Hemp is not a fat-soluble halucinogenic drug that causes permanent brain damage and memory loss — as well as genetic damage to offspring. And if he’s a favorite guest of Clint Richardson, who advocates legalization of pot, then he’s certainly not an opponent of THAT mind-bending drug.

    Sounds like double-talk to me — otherwise known as Fake Truth Movement, as in ‘it’s okay to talk truth on some items, but by all means slip in the poison on others.’

    Donations? I am sure he’s getting plenty of ‘donations’ already — just like the rest of the Fake Truth Movement is getting plenty.

    Thumbs down on this guest.


  3. My opinion about the Fake Truthers is that they are especially dangerous because they do tell truth — and that makes it easier and more likely that people will swallow the lies. Posing as someone against hallucinogenic drugs while at the same time putting forth the idea that marijuana is nothing but a harmless hemp plant that’s full of nutrition and can be used to make strong cloth — I think this guest underestimates the intelligence of the listeners of this program.

    A fat soluble hallucinogenic drug will destroy lives quicker than LSD ever could. It’s like LSD, except that it doesn’t leave the body — and some may remain in the body for a lifetime, not to mention the destruction to the DNA of the eggs and sperm, which will be forever.

    We need to hear the other side of the pot story. When will that ever happen? Just because it’s popular to promote its legalization — and before that we weren’t allowed to know the truth either, unless we went digging on our own, found the work of Peggy Mann and her reporting of the hundreds of studies that have and had been done on pot. Marijuana has been studied to death over a century, and it’s not true that no studies have ever been done. There’s a ton of them, good studies, not the fake and self-seeking kind like the corporates put on today to promote their poisonous pharma drugs. There’s a reason why it’s been called ‘loco weed’ for a lot of decades.

    The PTB have an agenda — to weaken and cripple us, so that we will not be able to reproduce, and our brains won’t work right, and it’s also part of the depopulation agenda too. Not to mention, sick and handicapped and disabled people can be used to funnel all the pharma drugs into at taxpayer expense and at the enrichment of the corporate pirates.

    Peggy Mann has passed on, but David Toma would make a guest the listeners on RBN will NEVER forget. Roger Morgan, director of Partnership for a Drug Free America of California would be good also — but I am disgusted that his website is flimsy, and he’s putting all his eggs into his published books, looking for the money. Also, most of the articles on their website are PDF so you can’t cut and paste anything out of them. So my respect for him is not the highest, even if he is on the right side of the issue. I don’t think we should be trying to make a buck off the destruction of lives. Either you care or you don’t care.


  4. Forgot to mention: Irvin’s principled insistence upon the core value of trusting one’s own senses to judge reality, as opposed to dogmatic belief in the nebulous quantum-einsteinian “multiverse” of eternal doubt, is also appreciated very much.
    All dogmas should be intolerable to the free soul … including christianity.


  5. Total decriminalization of Cannabis is the only solution. We have too much Government intervention in the economy and everywhere else as a whole. Government is the problem.


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