Spingola and Friends, #46

Deanna’s guest today was author Thomas Goodrich. Thomas has published numerous historical, investigative, very personal and thought provoking books, most of which have been discussed on past broadcasts. Today’s discussion was about his thoroughly researched and just published, Rape Hate: Sex & Violence in War & Peace. Deanna and Thomas also shared with listeners some very intimate information regarding their own childhood experiences. (MP3)
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4 comments on “Spingola and Friends, #46

  1. Deanna, I know it must be very difficult for you to have to tell that story, but it does help when we open up and share our experiences. Not only does it help our own selves to heal, but it helps others to heal as well. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers dear. Auntyk


  2. How does Tom seem to be doing, Deanna? Ever since Tom began researching what the wicked ones did to our German brothers and sisters, and how they blamed Christ’s own German-Judah People, he has not been the same. Let me know your thoughts, ok? Thanks!!!


  3. Thanx, Deanna, for another really good program, thought-provoking. I hope everyone will listen to this program, which was exceptionally good amongst a lot of other great programs you’ve given us.

    I keep hearing a theme with some of your guests which troubles me — the thing about race. Judaism is not a race — it’s a religion, a lifestyle, an attitude toward life, an attitude toward the world that comes down to “us against them” and amounts to an all-out war against God and man.

    The program started out discussing the mass rape of Japanese women by American soldiers, and rape of others by American soldiers, rape of Southern women by Northern Americans after the Civil War, etcetera, so it’s double-minded to claim this is all a “war against whites.”

    I go with Scripture when it comes to judging who my enemy is and is not. The Bible doesn’t ever teach me that there are good people who are “white” and the rest something else. The Bible says that we are all capable of sin, and that Christ died for all of us, and we are all responsible for our own choices. Life is not a lottery where the good people are born that way and white and the bad people are born that way and non-white.

    Race mixing is to my mind an example of the kind of love and tolerance we are called upon to have. It means people are able to transcend their physical and cultural differences to see the common humanity in each other and rise above the rest. If the rest of the world could do that, that would not be a bad thing.

    Jews are evil because of their worldview and their behavior, not because of their DNA. Probably many of them would be good people if they were not born into Judaism, if they were born into Christianity or Islamic families.

    Yes, I include the Muslims, who are close enough to orthodox Christian for me in their core beliefs and in the fruit of their beliefs which to my mind outshines that of the false Christians who may have the right name for God but the wrong character and wrong doctrines regarding Judgment Day and what it takes to hear “well done thou good and faithful servant,” from Jesus on Judgment Day.


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    Summary: Modern warfare kills and injures many more civilians than soldiers–and female civilians are especially hard hit. Filmmaker Lisa F. Jackson discusses rape as a war tactic in Congo. Then Ynar Mohammed speaks of the violence against and oppression of women in Iraq ever since the U.S. invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Plus some commentary by KD and a song by Bonnie Raitt.



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