Spingola and Friends, #45

Deanna was joined today after about 30 minutes in to the broadcast by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock from the UK to discuss his recent article, Jewish Genocide Of The White Race – CASE CLOSED. Andrew is also the author of The Synagogue of Satan and In The Name Of Yahweh. (MP3)
Deanna also mentioned: Disclosures From an Insider (2006)

2 comments on “Spingola and Friends, #45

  1. I don’t think the Jews are trying to wipe out a race. They are trying to wipe out a religion — as the Talmud refers to Jesus as “Yeshua,” which is a derogatory rabbinical anagram that means “May his name be forever blotted from memory.” The idea is to create a world where that name is never mentioned and nothing in history will be known or spoken. All people who do not share these same feelings of disgust and hatred of Jesus are the enemy — doesn’t matter what their race is.

    It’s not about race, other than the Jews call themselves a race, and most of them are not racially related to the first original physical Jews at all. They are religious converts from the 8th century.

    The Bible says that we are all one in Christ — that there is neither Jew nor gentile, male nor female in Christ.

    Judaism is likened to communism, to atheism, that the world would worship the Jewish state, the Jewish tyranny of the world, that we would all be so thrilled and happy to have a world that’s completely ruled by Jews, the Jewish way.

    Race has nothing to do with it. The Jews hate everybody, of all races. They want us all dead. They want WW3, to blow up the planet, to kill most of us non-Jews off (aka the goi′ĭm, which is their own special word for the non-Jew and means “cattle” or subhuman).

    It’s not about race. It’s about religion. It’s about hating Jesus. The Jews killed Jesus, and like that Jewish “comedienne” Sara Silverman says with her sick Jewish humor, she’s “glad they did it and she’d like to do it again!”

    They’d also like to kill everybody else who does not hate Jesus the way they do. Muslims and Christians are their special enemies, and they despise us the same as they despise Jesus.

    The Talmud says Jesus is a scoundrel and a bastard, that Mary was a whore, and that Jesus is in Hell boiling in a big vat of semen.

    It’s not race. The real semites are the Muslims, the Arabic people. They are the ones with Abrahamic DNA.

    The Jews want war. They want to kill off 90 percent of the world population. They have underground cities to retreat to while the rest of us are roasted in a nuclear holocaust — which is exactly what they want, and we all know the Jews are the ones that are provoking and pushing and agitating for world war.


  2. OK, the ruling elite, who are they, what is it all about and how do they do it?

    They create problems. They create scarcity. Scarcity of money, scarcity of food, scarcity of jobs, scarcity of health, scarcity of truth, scarcity of time, dysfunctional societies, etc. That is part of their control mechanism. So, logically, what is the biggest threat to their system? Problem solvers! They create problems, it would be no good if some people came along, perceived the problem, recognized the problem, understood the problem and solved it. So who solves the problems? Perfectionists! Perfectionists notice the problems. Perfectionists get irritated by the problems. Perfectionists try to do something about it. So which societies are the most “perfectionist”? I would say Germany and Japan are up there. Germany and Japan are known for their engineering and science. Look up any chemistry textbook and see how many German names are in the appendix. Germany and Japan are known for being organized. Germany and Japan try to get things done. Japan has the fastest trains on the planet. The last thing the ruling elite want is some perfectionists coming along and devising a debt free currency.

    Scotland has punched above its weight in terms of innovation and inventions.

    So perhaps the white race is a threat to the ruling elite because we are persistently trying to eliminate problems? Perhaps it is in our nature. Europe is being flooded with immigrants. Japan does not have the immigration but its economy has been hammered. Perhaps the ruling elite believe that their is only one group that is allowed to claim the title of being white, and that is the Jews.

    The ruling elite want a world of dejected fatalists who just accept their fate!

    …but the Japanese tend to be too obedient. Whitey is more rebellious!


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