Jeanice Barcelo ~ Dr. Bart Billings

Deanna’s guest for the first half of today’s broadcast was Jeanice Barcelo. Please visit her Blog. (MP3)

Dr. Bart Billings, a military psychologist (retired after 34 years of military service) who started the first U.S. annual conference on Combat Stress more than 25 years ago was Deanna’s second guest today. (MP3)

One comment on “Jeanice Barcelo ~ Dr. Bart Billings

  1. I don’t like this guest using midwifery as an excuse to bash the Bible. That was horrible. The Garden of Eden had no sickness of pain, and no thistles or thorns, no need to till the soil. Childbirth is indeed painful, sometimes fatal for mother or child or both. Coming out of the Garden of Eden (Paradise) into this world was a step down, and this world is a testing ground, a proving ground for us, to see who is worthy to enter into an eternity that is truly paradise.

    If she wasn’t trying to use her midwifery platform as a place to destroy people’s faith in God and in the Holy Bible, I would have been able to enjoy the program, but was totally put off by her crusade against God as a cruel god who would never hurt anybody. Suffering is part of our test. God is not a sadist, and there is a reason and purpose for suffering. God himself suffered for us.

    Ignorant people should keep their ignorance to themselves, or come on to represent gnosticism or one of the Luciferian religions, be honest, witchcraft, nature worship, whatever. This program was not about natural childbirth so much as an extremely biased attack on Christianity and the Bible.

    I vote nyet!


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