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  1. Doris, Sharon Tate’s mother, has explicitly said she knows Charles Manson did not murder her daughter. It is officially acknowledged that he did not perform the killings. Charles (Tex) Watson did.
    Manson was an egotist, but some of his associates were mind-controlled & mind-controlling members of the satanic, military industrial complex. This is where the drug-dealing, satanic, hypnotic influence originated.
    Manson seems to be a living sacrifice, all these years, just as evil-scheming seeks well-timed blood sacrifice: A mascot, upon which to hang ever-complicating tales, for everyone to dabble-in-the-darkside for a while, and then get back to ordinary life.
    Officially, Manson has never killed anyone; But generational satanists, and the public, like singular scape-goats.

    Charles Manson – Sharon Tate’s Mom Knew I was Innocent:

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