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  1. Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.

    Ayn Rand who promotes ‘individualism’ and ‘laissez-faire capitalism’ is on the opposite side of the spectrum in consideration to the work of Emma Goldman who promotes anarchism and anarcho-communism., yet both are Jewesses, and promote individualism in their own way.

    G.Edward Griffin of the John Birch Society also speaks against Collectivism. Yet it was ‘collectivism’ that almost destroyed International Jewry, which is the driving force behind Communism and Capitalism, in the 20th century?

    “…Ken Kolsbun in his history of the peace symbol wrote that, “In an attempt to discredit the burgeoning anti-war movement, the John Birch Society published an attack on the peace symbol in its June 1970 issue of American Opinion”, calling the symbol “a manifestation of a witch’s foot or crow’s foot”, supposedly icons of the devil in the Middle Ages.[60] A national Republican newsletter was reported to have “noted an ominous similarity to a symbol used by the Nazis in World War II”.[60][63]..”



  2. I agree that there is a huge difference between “Free Enterprise” and “Capitalism” and that Capitalism and Communism are indeed two sides of the same coin. The info on the peace symbol is interesting. Seems to me that whatever the history of the symbol is, if it means peace that’s a good thing. But yeah, that’s all I’ve ever heard about the peace symbol, that it’s occult, the upside-down broken cross, a symbol of witchcraft and Satanism. Maybe it is. It does look like an upside down broken cross. Wikipedia is a Jewish enterprise, like most of the Internet, so I don’t know if that is the best source to find out who is for peace and who is for war. It’s obvious that the Jews want war, and the Christian Zionists are dupes who have fallen for the Holohoax propaganda and are listening to the megachurch who preaches from their Jewish owned platforms, making millions, so of course they are going to preach Zionism.


  3. Deanna,
    On Sunday’s program will you take time to talk on the victories of defeating NWO as was referred to at the end of your program with Charlotte this week?
    Thx, Betty


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