2 comments on “Friday, Tony Pantalleresco

  1. I enjoyed this program a lot. The more I hear Tony, the more I like him. Learned a lot today, have to listen again, too much good stuff to catch it all. Next time you get him on, maybe he’ll talk more about the chemtrails and the polymers and the glyphosate, how to mitigate.


  2. I wanted to add to my comment. Much as I like and appreciate Tony, both as a person and as a most helpful and genius health coach — I disagree with him about anything positive to say about pot. It’s all bad, bad, bad. Even tho he only endorsed it to be used by ingestion (not smoking), and for the purpose of weaning off pharma drugs (and we are all in favor of that)…still not good. They don’t call it wacky tobaccy and loco weed for nothing — it’s an hallucinogenic, and the first few trips are like LSD. It’s highly addictive (ie fat soluable so it takes more and more and more to get high because it collects in the fat cells and especially the brain and gonads)…permanently destroys the short term memory. It triggers schizophrenia, with just a few times of using it, and fills up the ER rooms with people thinking they are having a heart attack because it doubles the heart rate.

    Very poisonous and toxic weed, and just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for anything but the bonfire.


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