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  1. If you believe in the god of the Old Testament you are practicing Judaism!

    The Old Testament derives from the Hebrew Torah. The Pharisee sect were Hebrew. The Hebrew Torah derives from the gods of the Phoenicians, and Babylon and Sumeria before that, and the god YAHWEH of the OT is in fact the god ‘EL’.
    [I can easily prove this 6 ways from Sunday ;)]

    “…Paul wrote that he was “a Hebrew born of Hebrews”, a Pharisee,[24] and one who advanced in Judaism beyond many of his peers…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_the_Apostle

    “…It seems almost certain that the God of the ‘Jews’ evolved gradually from the Canaanite El, who was in all likelihood the ‘God of Abraham’… If El was the
    high God of Abraham—Elohim, the prototype of Yahweh…” – See 2 Kings 23:15
    -The Oxford Companion to World Mythology-

    Jesus of Nazareth was of the Nazarean sect of JUDEAN people, and the Essene race. He spoke Aramaic. His name in Aramaic is ‘Eashoa’ M’sheekha’, or “The Anointed Life-Giver”.

    “…According to Josephus, the Essenes had settled “not in one city” but “in large numbers in every town”.[33] Philo speaks of “more than four thousand” Essaioi living in “Palestine and Syria”,[34] more precisely, “in many cities of Judaea and in many villages and grouped in great societies of many members…[35]” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essenes

    There is strong evidence that the Nazarean’ banned the BOOKS OF MOSES!

    “…After this Nazarean sect in turn comes another closely connected with them, called the Ossaeans. These are Jews like the former… originally came from Nabataea, Ituraea, Moabitis and Arielis, the lands beyond the basin of what sacred scripture called the Salt Sea… Though it is different from the other six of these seven sects, it causes schism only by forbidding the books of Moses like the Nazarean.[52]”

    “Neither do they put new wine in old wineskins, lest the wineskins burst and the wine is spilled and the wineskins are destroyed; but they put new wine in new wineskins, and both are preserved.” – Matthew 9:17

    The NSDAP also persecuted Jehovah Witnesses for their belief in the Old Testament, and Adolf Hitler himself had quite a lot to say about Moses…

    “BOLSHEVISM from MOSES to LENIN – by Adolf Hitler – Racial Nationalist Library”

    Aramaic – Syria

    The greatest trick the Pharisee played on the Christian world was to get their books attached to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

    The ‘Jews’ have not yet received their Messiah, but there is a good chance they are about to…

    According to the deathbed prophecy of Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, upon Ariel Sharon’s death the Jewish Messiah will be born into the world, and his name will be Jesus Christ.

    “Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri’s Deathbed Prophecy ~ Revelation of Jewish Messiah ~ Coming VERY SOON !!!”

    “For many will come in my name, and they will say. ‘I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Messiah’, and they will deceive many.” – Matthew 24:5


    • “If you believe in the god of the Old Testament you are practicing Judaism!”

      That seems to be a point that many Christians seem not to be on point with.

      Thus, if the Jews can not be trusted. What gives the Christians more credibility?

      Dr. Day seems to imply that the United States was founded on Christianity?

      Wonder if Deanna believes the founding fathers were Christian?

      Wonder if Deanna calls herself a Christian?

      I have never heard her address the point. She comes across to me to be a little willy nilly.

      Deanna do you believe Jesus Christ was a real live person from history? Dr. Day seems to definitely think he was.


  2. Dr. Day is very entertaining. She seems to lack an understanding of the true origins of the Illuminati. Has she read any of the original writings of the Illuminati?

    They were not Satan worshipers.

    Who in the world is this Satan character Dr. Day references? Please get her to define who she thinks Satan to be. A disembodied spirit, a human being, an adversary, a fallen angel ( which needs defining), a planet, the moon?

    Please check out Jan Irwin’s most recent interview from 12/28/2013.

    “Astrotheology: Fact or Fiction?”


  3. @GG: Of course ‘Eashoa’ M’sheekha\Jesus Christ existed! Furthermore GG the ‘illuminati’ did not exist in in ancient Babylon or Sumeria. The eye on top of the pyramid of the ‘illuminati’\Judeo-Freemasonic symbol is that of the Hebrew ‘nin’ or YAHWEH. The god of Judaism.


    SATAN is an ideology… CHRIST’s teachings created a new ideology.

    Before you bring up Joe Atwill’s ‘Ceasar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’, just know that Paul the Apostle\Saul of Tarsus was a Greek Hebrew, Joe Atwill was trained by Jesuits, and I will completely destroy you in debate…


  4. @GG: Joe Atwill admits himself he was trained by Jesuits, it is in his biography. He also stated it on his first appearance on the Deanna Spingola show. I can find these links for you if you really need me to, but they should be pretty easy to find.

    I already debated Joe Atwill via email, and he stopped responding once I called him out on his Jesuit past.

    Since he appeared on Deanna Spingola’s show I asked him why Adolf Hitler made it a point to call out Jesuits in the following NSDAP propaganda poster?

    “Who is Adolf Hitler? The man from the people, for the people! The German front soldier who risked his life in 48 battles for Germany! What does Adolf Hitler want? Freedom and food for every decent working German! The gallows for profiteers, black marketeers and exploiters, regardless of religious faith or race! Why is Adolf Hitler not allowed to speak? Because he is ruthless in uncovering the rulers of the German economy, the international bank Jews and their lackeys, the Democrats, Marxists, JESUITS, and Free Masons! Because he wants to free the workers from the domination of big money! Working Germans! Demand the lifting of the illegal ban on his speaking!”

    As far as debunking Joe Atwill goes, I think Chris White did an excellent job, and I have yet to see or hear Atwill or Jan Irvin debate him?

    Why do you think that is GG?



  5. Ivan Panin spent years studying the original Hebrew language and found that all through the text everything was devisible by 7 exactly ie the number of letters in a paragraph was divisible by 7 exactly the number of letters in a chapter was divisible by 7 the list is endless and it applies all through the old testament, if we combined every computer on the planet to do this we couldn’t come anywhere close, in other words the 66 books of the bible penned by 40 authors over 3,500 years who never had contact with each other could not have evised the bible it was the inspired word of God. the same applies to the new testament in the greek language it is divisible by 7, to say it is mans work is impossible. another thing is if you go to the original greek text and study Mathews gospel there are words he uses that no other new testament writer uses so you could say the others read his and deliberately omitted them from their writing meaning they had to write theirs after Mathew, but then you go to marks gospel and the same thing happens there, go to lukes gospel same thing happens go to john, to acts to all the other books in the new testament and they are all the same again totally impossible. only the mind of God could achieve this.


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