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  1. Michael Collins Piper, whom I have long admired, has unfortunately presented a Popular Mechanics-style critique of the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. He’s picked out a few red herrings which, in my opinion, have been sown as limited hangouts, and has ignored the obvious impossibilities surrounding the Sandy Hook myth. I’m very disappointed and I hope that he and Deanna both reconsider the mountains of evidence. Fetzer’s program discussing this interview was done in a very respectful way and I urge anyone remotely interested in the subject to listen to it.


  2. I am also astounded by this seemingly sudden turn of events on Deanna’s show. The evidence of a Sandy Hoax is overwhelming as much by the dedicated sleuthing by intelligent people everywhere, as by the complete lack of information which heretofore had been commonly available to the people through public documents.

    Thanks, GG for the link to the Jim Fetzer interview, it was very interesting and also led me to watch the presentation by Sofia Smallstorm: Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook, posted above, which provided so much insight, in a very clear and thoughtful manner, on this scene in a never ending series of scenes, produced and directed by the theater we call “government”.

    In spite of pundits, whose day in the limelight has perhaps ended, people’s natural intelligence and ability to discern fraud is waking up. Maybe the hypnosis of indoctrination is wearing off for many folks.


  3. I never watch anything that, before giving any Forensic Evidence, has already tried to ‘hype’-notise me (with flashing lights and appeals to social-buddy conformity and sentimental emotion-inducing imagery for the purpose of group conditioning). Clever people that have no SUBSTANCE are experts in STYLE and presentation.
    For those of you that think consensus creates reality (It doesn’t: This is your darkness) and whose main motive whenever you make a decision is to seek a buddy-group, please follow Mr. Fetzer. It would be a way of penning Satan’s sheep.
    People that worship independent Spirits, like the spirits themselves, call ordinary unthinking people, who never want to know their own thoughts: The Unbegun
    They need you living, but dead.
    A vessel: that can be resided in.
    A fool: that has given them permission to enter.
    A body; that needs to be part of group solidarity.
    They fear Any and Every One (male & female) that has their Own Internal Dialectic (their own internal resistance: Be your own Satan?! Your own Opposer!? Yes!!! )
    Having your own internal resistance, when exercised in everyday life, causes others ACCIDENTALLY (i.e. without you even beginning to fancy yourself as a do gooder) to start, consciously and sub-consciously, to develop their own internal dialectic, a healthy inner tension. If only Adam had been his own Satan a little bit more.
    This is the primary thing a legion does not want anywhere in the Universe: One at One with themselves; and The One God.
    The more consistent we can become in our own thoughts; and our own bodies, the more there is no place for the devil (slanderer, liar) to reside. The devil can only BE where there is a void. Use your Brain, People!


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