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  1. Thanks, Deanna, for this interview. I have just discovered Mike King, and knew you had him on and had missed the interview. Great interview, and the information was helpful now (6/29) with all the hatemongering and warmongering going on about Iraqi Muslims, claims they are so violent and always fighting in factions, hearing of all kinds of horrible violence, cutting heads off and tortures shown on the Internet. I know the Muslim people are not violent barbarians like we’re told — and everybody knows al qaeda (sp?) is a CIA creation. So I appreciate the information you both shared on the extent of government propaganda, and how we who like to hang out on the Internet and scorn the television are prime targets for disinformation. There surely are a ton of YouTubes giving all kinds of BS on 9/11. The Jews own Google and YouTube, so how can we be surprised.

    I can share this to help people who are getting taken in by the paid liars.

  2. You say, Cab, that “the Muslim people are not violent barbarians”.
    While it’s true that most Muslims are decent folks, a fair number of them are actually quite violent.

  3. Dear Cab:
    Do you really “know” that the Muslims in this four-minute video are not violent, as we’re being told? Do you consider this video “propaganda” or “disinformation”?
    Do you think that we should disregard this video because it appeared on You Tube?

  4. Dear Cab:
    It’s true, as you point out, that some of the anti-Muslim rhetoric we hear is designed to garner support for Israel and illegal U.S. invasions of Muslim lands, and you’re right in suggesting that the U.S. should divorce ties with Israel and stay out of Muslim countries, but in France and other European nations, it’s false to characterize anti-Muslim sentiment as arising from what you call “government/media propaganda” – in fact, it’s just the opposite – in those countries, the idea that Muslims could oppress the native white people is considered politically incorrect, and the government and media refuse to talk about Muslim violence against indigenous Europeans. Please see the five-minute video which I’ve highlighted above.

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