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  1. Kristy did not tell the listening audience who the answer is though she does know him, The world is hell made that way by the Jews who are the Synagogue of Satan. The Lord Jesus Christ is already back and he has been exposing every Chrsitian cult for 30 years. Today he is the Father who is the Holy Ghost who is the Comforter, his new name of the Revelation is Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall known and recorded in HisStory as Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall, we are about to talk with her now over the Skype…

    • Dear Martha…after having had so many stones cast in my direction, and having tired of casting my own precious pearls (and receiving more stones), I have endeavored to create the right time, place, and the right people with whom I have engendered some rapport with first when and if I do share precious things.  (A first radio show did not seem like that right time or place for me to share about Yah.)  However, the point you made the other night about how little time there is left was not lost on me. And if there is One Answer…I am hoping the world will soon find it (for all of our sakes)! So, yes I know You and Yah and am proud to have made your acquaintance and look forward to spending some real time together to explore the many ways we can create a more conscious world.  Thank you for listening to this interview with the amazing Deanna Spingola.  Her research into the lesser known subjects we have talked about this past year (like Zionism, the Noahide Laws, Freemasonry and the Mormon mess, and the lies about the Holocaust) have endeared her fearless soul to me.  I remember hearing these exact same truths from you not long ago (things I was shocked and even doubtful about until I did my own research).  I was amazed at all the ‘things I never knew I never knew’!  So, it is with pleasure that I introduce Deanna to you here on her site and I hope she and her listeners might be willing to open their hearts to your message as they take it from there. (P.S. This message is only for those with ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’…oh, and…NO ROCKS, please…lol!)
      🖥 SwordOfTruth3168-Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Apostolic Letter Announcing Christ

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