Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas and Deanna discussed the US presidential election and the ongoing aftermath this afternoon. Listeners called in to share their thoughts on this event too. (MP3)
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  1. Thank you for the heads up in regards to my ‘Shills and half-Truthers’ page. I have to keep altering it, as my opinion of these various characters change all the time. I accept I am sometimes wrong with certain individuals. Please don’t think I claim to know it all in regards to who is a shill and who isn’t. This list is based mainly on my strong intuition and eight years experience in this work. I am always apologetic to anyone whom I have mislabelled.

    I have taken a lot of flack for this page; as people suggest I am creating divisions and seem to arrogant. But I am not coming from that place – I am simply trying to help the Truth. By making these suggestions, about potential shills is trying to protect new-comers to the Truth. Like warning people of land mines on their journey.

    BTW I am an Englishman (half Irish) not a Canadian (not that there is anything wrong with being Canadian) 🙂

    Here is the link to this mentioned page:

    My blogsite is now pretty much obsolete. I am now posting my work on Renegade Tribune:


  2. So disturbing to hear this interview. Donald Trump told everyone in his early rallies he was a snake. He read the poem about the young maiden who rescued the frozen snake, and then he bit her and while she was dying he said, “You knew I was a snake.” He read that poem everywhere he went in all his rallies.

    Then I Googled up Ivanka Trump nude, under Google pics, because of all I was hearing online I wanted to see if she had nude pics up on Google, and there were hundreds of porn shots of her, even with her pubic area shaved and her legs spread to show the world.

    Things are so bad I tell everyone to get out of the country. Yes, here it is 12/10/16 as I am now listening to this archive, and it’s obvious to me that Trump is a Trojan horse for Israel and the Rothschilds.

    The latest assessments I’m hearing everyone say is that Trump may be good for domestic, but that he’s a warmonger for Israel. That means Bible prophecy being fulfilled, with the U.S. taking out Syria and Iran now. This is so horrible. America has devolved into the Evil Empire.


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