2 comments on “Art from Philly

  1. Wow, what a program, and I’ll listen twice to this one. Way over my head, but not totally.

    I’ve never heard such courageous and knowledgeable people until I started listening to Deanna’s broadcasts, and this is the place to come to get a healthy dose of Truth if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Art from Philly was an eye-opener as to how corrupt the country is. Here where I live in NYS I note the sheriff’s department is very corrupt, and everything seems corrupt. I grew up in NYS and moved to Maryland to live for 17 years and moved back to NYS. Now I just want to get out of the country altogether.

    Babylon … err, the USA has lost its soul. There’s no fixing this country. We have to just leave it. I blame it on conscience-killing Disneyland (fake) Christianity, which teaches people to have no fear of God and no fear of evil or Judgment Day, so there are too many mis-programmed people living for the moment…with no thought of the future or the direction the country is going … just going along for the ride.


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