Michael J. Murphy ~ Mark R. Elsis

Deanna’s guest for the first hour today was Michael J. Murphy. (MP3)
Websites: Why in the World are They Spraying?, An Unconventional Shade Of Grey, Geoengineering Action Network, Organic Sulfer

Deanna’s guest for the remaining two hours was Mark R. Elsis. ✌️ (MP3)
Websites: Lovearth Network, American Exceptionalism, Holocaust Revisionism, RudolfHess.net
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One comment on “Michael J. Murphy ~ Mark R. Elsis

  1. Thanks — hope you get Michael Murphy on again ASAP. I’d like to know the countries in South America where they are not spraying. It’s outrageous that the PTB think they can steal the sunlight from all the people of Earth, and that they have a right to spray us like bugs to make us sick and stupid.


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