Spingola and Friends, #88

Michael ‘Mike’ Walsh has earned an international reputation as an author, writer, poet and historian. I hope that you will become better acquainted with Michael through his books. The author of the Witness to History series – his first book in that series is The Adolf Hitler and Reich Odyssey ~ Salvation (1). He also wrote Uncensored Adolf Hitler, Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph and just recently The All Lies Invasion. (MP3)

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  1. Well, unfortunately Mike Walsh showed that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he was defending Putin in response to Deanna’s excellent question about Putin and whether the Jews did indeed relinquish control of Russia after WW1.

    As someone who lives in Russia and has been living in Russia all my life, I always cringe when I hear people defending Putin and thinking that he is ‘standing up to the NWO’. Nothing can be further from the truth, and all the evidence points to the contrary. The reality is that Russia has been and still is controlled by Jews, and this didn’t change with the collapse of the Soviet Union. You just have to see what’s going on in terms of policies pursued. We have the same policies that are being pursued in the West:

    – the depopulation of the countryside and the herding of people into big cities (agenda 21),
    – the multiculturalism and white genocide (millions of migrants arriving from everywhere and ethnic Russian population declining),
    – rampant inflation caused by the Russian Central Bank having bought lots and lots of the toxic Western debts with printed money,
    – the brainwashing and mind control in the MSM,
    – the moral degradation of society,
    – the dumbing down of children in schools,
    – the deindustrialization of the country with only low value-added production remaining (raw materials like crude oil, gas etc.),
    – the destruction of small farmers,
    – the dependence on imports in everything including even basic necessities like food and clothing,
    – the dominance of the State in all sectors of the economy and spheres of life,
    – the surveillance and spying (cameras everywhere and hundreds of thousands and even millions of people employed in security services),
    – the encroachment of cashless society and electronic records (health, education), and so on and so forth.

    So there’s a reason that Putin praised the Red Army and it’s not because he’s sensitive to the feelings of Russian people, as Mike Walsh said, but because this is the State policy to promote the point of view that the Soviet Union has been fighting good war during WW2 to defeat the evil Nazis. As a result, fifty years after this war ended, people still don’t have a clue what this was all about. And Stalin is being whitewashed and presented as a hero now. Holocaust denial is not yet illegal but there is draft legislation in the works in Duma to that effect. This alone should tell you who’s runs this country. Deanna was right – they never gave the country back to the people. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a planned event masterminded from the top, it was never a grassroots event with people toppling the regime as many people in the West believe. I think the Soviet Union was some sort of pilot project for the Jews, to see how the communism will work out. It worked out well for them and they decided to spread it globally. Anyway, my point is that they are obviously still in control.

    And it’s not about Putin, he may genuinely believe in all the good things he says for all I know, but the facts tell a different story. His power in Russia is not absolute after all. They may also control him through blackmail. It is well known that when Putin was working in the St Petersburg municipal government in the 1990s, he was implicated in some shady dealings involving the imports of steel at substantially reduced prices, so there’s definitely room for blackmail there. He once famously likened himself to a prisoner on a slaveship. I think he had a point there and may have been trying to tell us something.

    So I would advise Mike Walsh to refrain from expressing opinions about the things he doesn’t know much about, and when he speaks to his Russian friends to hear their opinions about the political situation in their country, to make sure that he includes not only people from Moscow (that benefitted a lot from the policies introduced since Putin came to power), but from other places too. This would make it more balanced. There’s a lot of resentment that many Russians that live in small cities and especially the countryside feel towards Moscow, and rightly so.


    • Hello, I really appreciate your comments. Given the things that have occurred in Russia since 1917, I cannot imagine that, all of a sudden, the country’s leadership decided to oust the cabal who perpetrated such devastation upon the people and the country. I wrote an article about the situation right after the fall of the Soviet Union titled The Bush Family’s Project Hammer, http://www.spingola.com/Bush_Family_Project.htm. In addition, Putin, despite what others might think about him is just too chummy with the Israeli state and their programs and plans. Putin decided to nationalize the library of Rabbi Joseph I. Schneerson, the former leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Therefore, Chabad representatives in the United States began moving books to the Moscow museum in June 2013.

      On June 25, 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the unveiling of the Victory Monument in Netanya, Israel, an unprecedented joint-state venture between Israel and Russia, to honor the Red Army, including the half million-plus Jews who fought against Nazi Germany during World War II. Benjamin Netanyahu proposed the idea of the monument to President Putin in 2010, during his visit to Moscow. Putin promised to attend the inauguration. Keren HaYesod, the United Israel Appeal (UIA), the worldwide (except the US) fundraising agency for Israel that operates in forty-five countries, a registered Israeli corporation, and the World Forum of Russian Jewry led the efforts to raise funds for the project.

      The monument commemorates the Red Army’s victory and the millions of Red Army soldiers who perished in the war, including 120,000 Jews. By the 1930s the Red Army was one of the largest armies in history. Alexander Levin, president of the World Forum of Russian Jewry and an American, represented the Russian-speaking Jews from North America at the ceremony. Levin said, “Millions of Russian Jews around the world are united at this moment in solidarity for the brave Red Army soldiers.” Further, he said, “I am proud to be part of those who support the building of this special monument, particularly as the sole representative of the United States and the millions of Russian-speaking Jews who reside there.”

      Someone that I have interviewed in Greece a couple of times has a very negative opinion of Putin and claims that he is a puppet of the international bankers. He states that Putin got rich after the fall of the USSR, is anti-Russia, and participates in evil propaganda against the west. He also stated that Putin would have no problem in starting a third world war. He also stated that Putin is not really a Christian but is pretending to be. Putin, according to my guest, uses the divide and conquer tactic. If you wish to communicate further about this, feel free to email me at deanna@spingola.com Again, thanks for your comments; they confirm what I have always felt.


  2. Deanna, your Greek acquaintance was absolutely right. Some people actually think that Putin is a crypto, although I’m not sure about this. Even if he is not, one thing is clear – he is very friendly with the rabbis, in particular with Berel Lazar, the Chabad-Lubavich Hasidic Chief Rabbi of Russia, to whom he has awarded several medals. Even the Zionist Wikipedia admits that they are close:

    Since the installation of Rabbi Lazar as the Chief Rabbi of Russia by the Federation of Jewish Communities there have been a number of controversies associated with Federation influence with president Vladimir Putin, and their funding from various Russian oligarchs, including Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich.[2] Lazar is known for his close ties to Putin’s Kremlin.[3]


    This is all one needs to know.

    Deanna, I would be glad to correspond with you; will drop you a note via e-mail.


  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Putin is also close to Henry Kissinger. In fact, ‘the two men are “old friends” who have met 8 or 10 times over the years’, according to this NYT article:


    Here are the photos of these ‘friends’ having a nice chat in the Kremlin, from the official Kremlin.ru website:


    What business does a head of State (or strictly speaking a Prime Minister that Putin was in 2012 when this visit took place) have talking officially with a supposedly private citizen from another country? It’s all so blatantly obvious!


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