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  1. Patrick Wood’s book, “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation” connects many of the contemporary events (climate change/obligatory vaccines/genetically modified food-organisms, etc.) to the Technocracy movement. Wood’s book exposes the Trilateral Commission (N.America-European Union-Japan) and its geopolitical role in transforming the global to a Neo-Feudal monolithic society. Moreover, Wood explains how “Scientism” (the post-modern merger of science and religion) replaces classical science. Furthermore, “Reflexive Law” replaces statutory laws whereby any law can be created, interpreted and executed “on-the-fly” to support an Agenda. Stanford professor Antony Sutton is a contributing author whose own personal experience at the Hoover Institute mimics that of Dr. Judy Wood’s own academic experience.

    The general public (Lippmann’s “bewildered herd”) does not possess the scientific background, critical thinking skills, and perhaps most importantly lack the knowledge of propaganda and PSYOPS to form any intelligent conclusion on the scientific matters (aforementioned). The PSYOPS model employed in blogs and media is to get the herd to endlessly bicker over argumentative scientific issues. It is analogous to debating or describing the bait within a trap but ignoring any discussion of the trap itself. And, as Edward Bernays said himself, propaganda works by withholding relevant information and is not restricted to spreading disinformation. The capstone common denominator for these Technocratic issues is control. The notion that “freedom = choice” is lost in the discussions. As Aldous Huxley warned us, the PSYOPS is to trick the bewildered herd not only to accept these programs that are not in the public’s interests, but to celebrate them as well. This demands exposure of how PSYOPS and propaganda works since that knowledge can then be applied to a whole host of issues.


  2. In general and in response to the above comment, I think the host (Andrew Johnson) hit the nail on the head with regards to why people refuse to look into Dr. Wood’s evidence; it’s about ‘HUMILITY’. There’s a serious lack of respect towards alternative (to the msm) factual knowledge and what is even more frustrating is the deliberate inability to see the difference between hard facts and nonsense; which again is underpinned by a serious lack of humility and respect for experience and greater knowledge. I have known about Dr. Wood’s evidence not long after her book (Where Did The Towers Go?) went to print and I was astounded at its professional and comprehensive conclusions based on empirical evidence (the truth). It takes guts to face these kind of truths, but the vast majority of people are spineless and gutless.

    What is even more unbelievable is the so-called “truth movement’s” refusal to look into these hard facts because hey they don’t like the information…it’s too uncomfortable and understanding it might mean they have to do something about it, so why not focus on love and light, Buddhism, or anything which makes them look like they care as long as it’s nothing to do with Dr. Wood’s book.
    I’ve a message for these selfish wasters; you might as well be in bed with those who did 9/11 because you’re wasting time. Another big 9/11 similar DEW event is surely on the way and what will you say? Oh, it was explosives or thermite or anything but DEW because that’s too uncomfortable to think about. Swallow your pride and show your humility towards real scientific forensic evidence. It’s not presented for rocket scientists so what excuse have you got!
    At 52-54 mins; Ha, ha…Dr. Wood has it exactly right and I can’t blame her for taking the p*** out of you so-called ‘truthers’ and so-called journalists et al…to call you lot monkeys is an insult to monkeys. Can’t you see the game is up for us! -the only hope for our future is to grasp Dr. Wood’s message now and act, which I know won’t happen.
    How many more events are you prepared to ignore before it happens to you!


  3. Regarding Mark Passio: Interviewed on the Alex Jones show early this year, but again no mention of Dr. Wood’s book/evidence.
    📺 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKBpBrsXMuk
    I wrote to him about his silence on this subject a year ago, and no reply.

    I think this video is quite interesting, he shows why Passio could still be a Satanist and his link with Alex Jones.
    📺 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAH3d69IdIM
    Also, if you front a Tesla activity group and receive an award you are in effect controlling it…steering it away from Dr. Wood’s evidence.

    Ignore what he says at 6:41 incriminating Dr. Wood as ‘cointelpro’ because The Alien Fossil Project man trusts no one; so much that he can’t take the time to read Where Did The Towers Go? Such a shame since he is onto something for most of this video.


  4. * Editor’s note: “Emmanuel Goldstein” links to a nonexistent fakebook page. Also note that this comment was approved for public viewing shortly after being submitted on “Sunday”. It did not show up here in a timely manner and a support ticket was submitted to WordPress for assistance. While waiting for a reply I modified the comment and managed to get it to show up although it was not visible to visitors right away. I apologize to Emmanuel Goldstein for the delay and do appreciate his participation.

    While reading THE AUTHORITARIANS I thoroughly enjoyed Bob Altemeyer’s writing style of presenting evidence with wonderful wit in a post 9/11 world.

    Page Four of the introduction:

    The second reason I can offer for reading what follows is that it is not chock full of opinions, but experimental evidence. Liberals have stereotypes about conservatives, and conservatives have stereotypes about liberals. Moderates have stereotypes about both. Anyone who has watched, or been a liberal arguing with a conservative (or vice versa) knows that personal opinion and rhetoric can be had a penny a pound. But arguing never seems to get anywhere. Whereas if you set up a fair and square experiment in which people can act nobly, fairly, and with integrity, and you find that most of one group does, and most of another group does not, that’s a fact, not an opinion. And if you keep finding the same thing experiment after experiment, and other people do too, then that’s a body of facts that demands attention. Some people, we have seen to our dismay, don’t care a hoot what scientific investigation reveals; but most people do. If the data were fairly gathered and we let them do the talking, we should be on a higher plane than the current, “Sez you!” (Deja Vu Dr. Wood?)

    Bob Altemeyer Associate Professor
    Department of Psychology
    University of Manitoba
    Winnipeg, Canada
    The Authoritarians


  5. HOW the towers came down is not an important issue. It only serves to consume time better spent of other activities. I’m willing to listen to Dr. Wood but I’m not going to attack or defend her.


    • In reply to Boxcutter: “How the towers came down is not an important issue”; are you joking or trolling! Have you taken the time to study it and piece it together or are you trying to put people off from seeing the seriousness of this?
      In fact It is THE most important element of all the ‘truths’ and our future if you really care to look into it.


  6. We have not heard a word from Dr. Wood in a long time. Is she okay? It’s bad enough that when she does appear for interviews that she only gets to speak a little and Andrew Johnson does all the speaking. Now Andrew Johnson is appearing alone as her surrogate — and she’s not even there at all. I cannot bear to listen to Andrew Johnson in any case. I do hope Dr. Wood is okay. Her work is so complete and perfect and speaks for itself — and the organized campaign to distract from her work, all the noise from the Fake Truth movement regarding thermite paint and mini-micro-nano-one-directional-nukes, and all the other nonsense — I am suspicious of anything that seems to be blocking or distracting Dr. Wood’s work. In my opinion Andrew Johnson is doing nothing positive to help bring interest or attention to Dr. Wood’s work, and I’m just plain suspicious. And worried.


    • Andrew Johnson was sub-hosting for Deanna. Dr. Judy Wood was the guest. I believe Andrew is well qualified to ask Dr. Wood questions as well as interview her. Who else has asked her for an interview lately?

      Thank You to Andrew Johnson for his attempt to perform a much appreciated task, even though RBN blew it.


    • Do you have any idea how much Andrew Johnson has done to support Dr. Wood’s book and evidence!…Clearly not! If Dr. Wood wanted to speak more she could, but most of what needs to have been said has already been said by her and you can hear this in ten years of radio interviews of which most are archived at Andrew’s website: Check The Evidence


  7. Please check out Mike King’s article posted a week ago on his Great Tomato Bubble website concerning the DEW attacks by ‘somebody’ (three guesses who) on China and Russia lately. http://www.tomatobubble.com/id878.html Mike King posted some pics from Dr. Wood’s website in his report, noting the similarity to the non-nuclear attacks (which he says came from satellites) — and left the same kind of cylindrical holes, deep and straight down, which are called ‘sink holes’ by the media but are anything but — and resemble those same cylindrical holes in the streets that were left on 9/11, and reported by Dr. Wood (and no one else). He has another article he posted that same week concerning the 9/11 Memorial that was donated to the U.S. by Russia, and how the PTB shunted it to nowhere for nobody to see.

    Nobody else has ever gotten a FOIA to examine the tons of evidence gathered from the 9/11 crime scene, let alone to produce a complete and perfectly analyzed report of all of it — other than Dr. Wood. The brilliant ‘architects and Engineers for Truth” (so-called) have never asked or that evidence or looked at it, not even to sniff their noses at the stuff that’s been all sorted out and presented for their convenience and leisurely examination by Dr. Wood.

    There has never been anything to wake me up to the evil and fakery of the world system and its media more than 9/11. And then when Dr. Wood demanded the evidence herself, examined and analyzed, organized and presented that evidence for the public so well in her website and textbook “Where Did The Towers Go” — all to be ignored by the public, it shows me that money really does talk, and it seems that almost everyone has a price.

    Without the help and distraction of the Fake Truth Movement, Alex Jones et al, Stephen Jones, Jim Fetzer and literally crowds of sell-outs and willfully ignorant people — without their help, the small group of megalomaniacs at the top who own and operate these satellite weapons systems could not succeed in their evil plans to destroy and subjugate the entire world under their boot.

    Be sure to check out Mike King’s article.


    • Well gee, . . . Thank You for asking Deanna.

      Yes, this one, materbubble.
      If you want to see all that is supposed to be there after allowing tomatobubbledotcom access to your computer, you will have to allow access to all of the following sites too.

      doubleclickdotnet < advertising

      As for Mr. King, he can take all his jewyork city marketing BS, his brilliant publishing skills and his so-called books and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

      No Sympathy For The Ignorant!
      Stop Feeding The Damn Parasites!


  8. I looked at Mike King’s site as suggested by CAB. While I note that he “borrowed” images from Dr. Wood’s site, I do not find any mention of her or her great book. Perhaps I visited the wrong site? He did mention “lasser beams”, a term that many people have attributed to Dr. Wood as a way of discrediting her work. She has NEVER used that term.


  9. Has anyone else commented on the ‘non nuclear attacks’ besides Mike King? And drawn a comparison to Dr. Wood’s work? Doesn’t Mike King get any credit for connecting any dots? For paying attention to the DEW’s being used elsewhere around the world, besides on 9/11? And if Mike King is linking to Dr. Wood’s website, and if that is a bad thing — then all the rest of the experts who are pretending she doesn’t exist are those who deserve our respect?

    I didn’t listen to this interview because I’m not interested in Andrew Johnson’s bloviating. And if Mike King mentioned laser beams, I seriously doubt he did it to discredit Dr. Wood. None of us really understand this new kind of weapon that was used on 9/11 to obliterate/disappear 7 huge buildings in 4 hours, silently, and leave little to no debris behind; that was also used (as Dr. Wood has documented with the FOIA photos she obtained from 9/11 evidence), to leave behind thousands of toasted/wilted cars in a half mile radius. Did anyone also note the picture Mike King posted of the latest parking lot of wilted cars from this latest ‘non-nuclear blast’ sent to Russia and China (with love) that he reported.

    Instead of all the speculation about Mike King’s marketing skills and the sniping about his proliferation of books and articles (jealous?)…how about some kind of a serious discussion on any of this? I for one would like to know what Dr. Wood thinks (not Andrew Johnson) about the non-nuclear attacks that Mike King discussed in his newsletter and website.

    Is all this sniping against Mike King supposed to lead us to the conclusion that Directed Energy Weapons are NOT being used in today’s world, and were ONLY used on 9/11 — and we have NOTHING to worry about? Are we to think that the nice Satanists running this planet would never point one of those DEWs our way? Or even, that maybe the rest of the world might have some DEWs of their own, and maybe they are getting a bit tired of the U.S., of our drones, our weaponized space program, and our false flag attacks, microwaving our own people on the Jewish media to be replayed over and over again so as to enlist support to launch an attack on the whole world?

    It’s been said before that the PTB don’t care who we think ‘did it’ — only that we never get around to finding out about the kind of new weapon they have to launch against the people of the world, or the other implications of this Directed Energy Weapon that come down to free energy, the kind of free energy they are probably using to power their underground cities. Mike King discussed, best he knew, the kind of weapons the satellites carry. It would be nice if we could learn more more from anyone that has anything else to add to his observations. Mike King isn’t God and doesn’t have access to NSA secret files. He gets his info from the NY Times and his years of studying history. He’s another Alex Jones in the making is what I’m thinking — but he’s never going to be a sellout to the Talmudics like AJ is. You will never hear Mike King calling the rogues who run this planet “the elite,” or ‘the offshore bankers’ like AJ does, and I doubt he will end up being 100 percent financed by corporate mafiosos and Jewish pirates like AJ is. RBN has its own share of such people paying the bills also. At least Mike King is his own person, getting his own financing directly from his own supporters. You should be thankful he’s a smart marketer — it means he can swim with the sharks and not get eaten alive.

    I suppose Mike could be a plant — but it’s totally over the top to think somebody else could be writing all his books and articles for him and setting him up to be a fake WWII Revisionist, just so we’d all trust him and — and what! Usually the plants, infiltrators, sellouts, double-agents, whatever you want to call them … (and nobody trusts anybody anymore, because seems like EVERYBODY ends up selling out) … but the point being of the plants is that they betray at the right moment, at crucial and key times, gaining our trust and then pulling the rug out just at a key and crucial moment. They do this by gaining the trust of a lot of people — as AJ did. And so back in 2008 AJ was able to launch Ron Paul as the alternative candidate for POTUS, so as to ensure that Rothschild’s Choice (Obomber) got in.

    It’s obvious one person is writing all Mike’s stuff. If it’s not Mike, then whatever that person is being paid is not enough. Come on. People find it hard to believe that Dr. Wood could write her text all by herself, and put up that amazing website. But when people are dedicated, talented, and motivated by love for the Truth and for doing good, they get that kind of creative ability sometimes. As long as they don’t end up selling out when the world comes knocking with bribes and threats, then all will be well.

    Maybe we need to think about who our friends are and who they are not. We could use a few savvy, gutsy and talented people on our side who know how to market and communicate, someone whose eyes are open and not likely to get bought out or tricked or handled. Andrew Johnson, with his website on the Hollow Earth, and his bloviating talk about everything BUT the evidence he supposedly wants us all to check — is NOT that person!!!

    That’s what we need — a marketer and courageous and savvy communicator like Mike King — not a bodyguard/handler to bloviate about why people don’t recognize Dr. Wood’s work and drive people away with a monotone of inanities.

    Mike King’s articles are right up on his website where I said they were. If you don’t want to follow the link I put up, just click on his button that says ‘new additions.’

    I think we should not look a gift horse in the mouth, and hope and pray for the best.


    • CAB, you said, “Has anyone else commented on the ‘non nuclear attacks’ besides Mike King? And drawn a comparison to Dr. Wood’s work? Doesn’t Mike King get any credit for connecting any dots? For paying attention to the DEW’s being used elsewhere around the world, besides on 9/11? And if Mike King is linking to Dr. Wood’s website, and if that is a bad thing…”

      The fact is that King “borrowed” images from Dr. Wood’s website without mentioning her name or her book. He did not draw “a comparison to Dr. Wood’s work” as he did not even mention her name. Additionally, he did not provide a link to her website but rather, he “borrowed” bandwidth, as he does with dozens of other sites. He failed to credit her for the images as is customary and ethical. Smallstorm did the exact same thing – used her images without crediting her.

      CAB, you said to Dr. Wood, “I’m telling you, you need new friends, and you need to check to see what people might be putting in your coffee! And you need to start doing your own interviews, and stop bringing your ‘friends’ around behind you to post on blogs. You cannot possibly be in your right mind to be allowing this kind of thing! I am surprised that anybody will listen to you or defend you as long as you allow these handlers to destroy your work!”

      I can assure you, she is in “her right mind” and does not need nor does she have handlers and is more than capable of selecting her friends. No one is destroying her work. However, there are people who attempt to conceal or subtly co-opt her work. She does not need someone to defend her work – it stands on its own, as empirical evidence of what occurred on 9/11.


      • Nobody needs Fetzer, Jones, Jenkins to discredit and mock Dr. Wood because Andrew Johnson does a far better job than they ever could with his scandalous website that’s joined up with hers — and his annoying and off-putting presence as her stand-in.

        If you are flipping out over the word ‘laser,’ you ought to take a visit to the AndrewJohnson/JudyWood Checktheevidence website.

        But anyone who can get past all of that and is still willing to stick their neck out for the Truth and speak up for any 9/11 evidence brought forth by Judy Wood, to literally risk getting their throat by the Talmudic Satanists who own and run the planet — well, next obstacle will be the trail-behind Blog Mob ready to destroy for trespassing into 9/11 Never Never Land, for not knowing forbidden words like ‘laser,’ for using wrong words, or for agreeing with and adding to the evidence without specifically stating who you are agreeing with and who owns the picture.

        Or destroyed by a Blog Mob who will accuse a journalist of being a dirty thief for posting pictures from Judy Wood’s website without giving credit (or getting permission)?

        But, aren’t all of the 9/11 pictures on Dr. Wood’s website FOIA pictures, and they are in the public domain, are they not? The pictures are all available to the public in general, through a FOIA request, the same way Judy Wood got them, aren’t they?

        I can understand her owning her own copies, but not to forbid anyone else from having a copy of a copy of those same pictures. It doesn’t work that way. The only pictures that can have a copyright are pictures that people take themselves. But all of the photos and videos and audios and transcripts from which Judy Wood compiled her report of the 9/11 evidence is all property of the taxpayers who paid the 9/11 official investigators to gather all that official evidence anyway — and it was done on behalf of the public we the public already own it.

        Posting pictures from her website without a credit?

        Not allowed to make any conclusions or observations about the official evidence, officially gathered at taxpayer expense — without crediting Dr. Judy Wood?

        Are all photos of the Twin Towers ever taken now property of Dr. Judy Wood? How about cartoons or drawings? Or just the words 9/11 — can we say those words without getting permission or paying a royalty fee?

        How about if we don’t use the term ‘toasted cars.’ How about if we call them ‘wilted cars?’ I like that term better anyway. They look more ‘wilted’ than toasted IMO. So whenever we see cars that look like they did on 9/11 thanks to another non-nuclear explosion and weapon (as Mike King referred to it) …as long as we don’t use the same terms that Judy Wood used to describe them, is it okay to talk about it?

        How about ‘demolecularized’ instead of ‘dustified?’ Can we speak about the phenomena if we use a different word than ‘dustified’?

        Or instead of saying ‘fuzzy blobs’ we can call it ‘dust puffs’ instead.

        Nobody will ever know any of these Judy Wood terms anyway because nobody is going to near her work anyway until the whole earth is wilted and demolecularized. Between Andrew Johnson, Greg Jenkins, and all the rest of the Judy Wood shutdown crew, nobody will ever go near her work anyway, not in this century anyway.

        With friends like Judy Wood has, who needs enemies.

        Not allowed to use any of her photos to compare to new photos of new events either?

        It’s all about money now, I guess? And copyrights? And don’t mess with anybody’s bandwidth?

        And if Judy Wood is fine with all of this, and she’s not on drugs and not bewitched, then it just is what it is. I’m outta here.


      • Yes, indeed. Mike has a brain that works. He looks over the NYT and gets a bunch of ideas, and pops out fantastic articles. He must have seen that picture and immediately he thought of the pics on Judy Wood’s website of the toasted … err wilted cars. And there are also pictures of the deep cylindrical holes that he caught on the NYT article, and that also jogged his photographic memory (don’t we all wish we had one like his) … and in less time than it takes to say “9/11 Boxcutters” he had crafted another great article for his TomatoBubble. Since I don’t have such a great memory, the button doesn’t say ‘new additions’ — but something like that, ‘latest,’ or some such word. You can figure it out — I have faith in you.


  10. Where Did Their Credibility Go?
    It is moved and seconded that . . . All those in favor say “Aye.” Those opposed say “No.”

    There is a very simple method to determine which side of the 9/11 Truth Wall an authority figure stands….☺

    Those who want to cover up the evidence of what happen often falsely claim that Dr. Wood is talking about a specific weapon and a specific location of it (e.g. laser beam from outer space, or “spacebeams”). This disinformation campaign was initiated by Steven Jones on 11/11/2006 in a presentation he gave in California (available in the internet archives), telling his audience that “Judy Woods (Dr. Wood) says it’s a laser or maser from space” while showing how difficult it is to hold his hand like a beam from space. Not only does Dr. Wood NOT SAY THAT, she actually RULES THAT OUT. The mechanism of destruction of a laser beam would be from heat and produce a bright and blinding light. But we know the buildings were not cooked to death. The term Directed Energy is used because energy is directed to do something different then it normally does and it is directed to do this within a certain geographic zone. [As a mental example, think of directing the binding energy of matter to repel instead of attract. A solid object would turn to atomic-sized dust. Direct this to happen within the WTC complex and not across the street.]

    At the end of Chapter 20 in Dr. Wood’s book, she explains why playing “name the weapon” game is counterproductive. Name dropping trendy terms is not synonymous with understanding. The easiest example is HAARP. The full capabilities are classified. But people often name-drop the trendy term to APPEAR to know something. A tongue-in-cheek definition of HAARP stands for High Amplitude Advancement of Real Propaganda. They are just substituting “HAARP” for “Bin Laden.”


  11. I realize that Dr. Wood is not willing to postulate specifically what DEWs exactly are or what they look like, where they are stored, who owns them, who uses them. She is willing to tell us what they are capable of doing and the physics of how, and to point us to experiments that prove the existence of a kind of electro-magnetic energy that creates a field that is able to demolecularize and levitate and microwave. Dr. Wood calls this weapon a Directed Energy Weapons and says that this technology can also provide limitless free energy (something that the oil companies of course would not like at all to happen).

    There’s nothing wrong with anyone putting forth some new ideas to what might fit the bill for accomplishing the recent ‘non-nuclear’ attack on China and Russia pointed out in Mike King’s website — an attack that sure did leave things looking a lot like the crime scene of the WTC on 9/11 and brings up the subject of the DEWs. What are they? Where are they stored? What might they look like?

    Maybe the idea of weaponized satellites seems ludicrous and insulting, that anyone would even suggest the possibility — but makes a lot more sense than the thermite paint or the one-directional mini-nano-nukes that Sylvia Smallstorm and AJ and the Loose Changers, and Fetzer, Stephen Jones and the boys have been selling this whole time.

    If we put Mike King’s best guess for how the non-nuclear destruction was delivered to China and Russia–the same kind of destruction that matches in many ways the destruction delivered to the WTC on 9/11 including wilted cars and deep cylindrical holes–it sure does make more sense than thermite paint!

    If Mike King is willing to grant Dr. Wood that her evidence is rock solid irrrefutable and irrefutable and embraces all of it — can he not suggest possibilities for the kind and source of weapons capable (silently and without heat) of demolecularizing and disappearing huge buildings, putting deep cylindrical holes in streets, wilting cars, and microwaving people? He’s not even being dogmatic — just looking for something that could possibly fill such a strange bill for a weapon we’ve never experienced or known of before.

    The fact is, we don’t really know WHAT the megalomaniacs have put up in those satellites circling the globe. Why would we assume they would NOT put a 9/11 type Directed Energy Weapon in satellites over our heads to kill us with?

    It’s about time somebody acknowledged Dr. Wood’s work for what it is — irrefutable evidence and proof of WHAT happened to the WTC on 9/11. After all this time we need to turn our attention to trying to discover what we as a planet are facing by means of these new weapons, no longer secret, but never experienced or understood to exist.

    Is there anyone at all who has the courage to be willing to even try to fit the weapon to the crime as we know it to be, based on all the evidence presented by Dr. Wood (and no one else)?

    As to Smallstorm, the Loose Changers, A&E for Truth, We Are Change, Fetzer, Stephen Jones and Company, Alex Jones and all the rest of the Fake Truth Movement sell-outs, it’s time for you all to just go away!

    It’s time to hear from people like Mike King and others like him, who are willing to come out with some better ideas of what the people of Planet Earth are be facing when it comes to the Directed Energy Weapons that were used on 9/11, and are still being used and are still in the hands of Luciferian megalomaniacs.

    Even if those ideas are wrong — we need to start somewhere. We don’t need to hear anymore silly stories about thermite paint or one-dimensional mini nukes!!


  12. Emmanuel Goldstein said: “There is a very simple method to determine which side of the 9/11 Truth Wall an authority figure stands….☺ “Those who want to cover up the evidence of what happen often falsely claim that Dr. Wood is talking about a specific weapon and a specific location of it (e.g. laser beam from outer space, or “spacebeams”). This disinformation campaign was initiated by Steven Jones on 11/11/2006 in a presentation he gave in California (available in the internet archives), telling his audience that “Judy Woods (Dr. Wood) says it’s a laser or maser from space” while showing how difficult it is to hold his hand like a beam from space. Not only does Dr. Wood NOT SAY THAT, she actually RULES THAT OUT.”

    Those of us who have had the time and opportunity to study Dr. Wood’s work in detail understand that James Fetzer and Stephen Jones, who mock Dr. Wood, take pride in announcing they have never even LOOKED at the 9/11 evidence she produced with her FOIA demand. They get away with claiming never to have even READ her book, never even GLANCED over her website — but who claim to be the 9/11 Truth Brigade with their ‘thermite paint’ and “mini-one-directional-nuke” postulations for how 9/11 was accomplished.

    Well, we who HAVE looked at the irrefutable evidence are seething with the outrage of all of it. Can we all spell L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S????

    Jim Fetzer has been portrayed in a cartoon as a clown, ‘Uncle Fetzer’ entertaining with his distracting but utterly ridiculous claims that ‘one-directional mini-nukes’ were used to accomplish 9/11. Those of us who studied the 911 evidence Dr. Wood got the authorities to cough up with her FOIA request — we are WAITING for the day when the Fake Truthers are driven away in disgrace, or charged with treason, with complicity with megalomaniacs to help them hide the secret weapon they used to destroy the WTC on 911 and launch the U.S. into a war against the rest of the world.

    These liars have dissembled and conspired to depopulate the planet and hand it over to a Jewish tyranny; and the Talmudics have granted them a public platform and support from the Fake Truth Media to spread their mockery of Dr. Wood. They have been given media credibility for their nonsensical claims that the WTC was destroyed on 9/11 with boxcutters, planes, thermite paint, and now we hear one-dimensional mini-nukes. They’ve been granted the right to insist on a debate over two ridiculous alternatives, and only those two. They have mocked Dr. Wood, and accused her of being a ‘space beam lady.’ I agree that Dr. Wood has not only never said that, but also shown how that idea is wrong.

    But Mike King is not accusing Dr. Wood of being a ‘space beam’ lady and he is the first journalist ever to acknowledge her evidence, and first to point out that the 911 secret weapon used on 9/11 is STILL being used. He has documented that and contributed more evidence. Maybe Dr. Wood would like to ‘borrow’ some of Mike King’s pictures to put up on her website?

    I don’t believe Dr. Wood has ever said that the DEWs could not come from weaponized satellites.

    It’s not Dr. Wood’s mission or duty to hunt around and discover the military’s hidden arsenal of weapons, where they are stored or how they are delivered. Mike King as a journalist is free to conjecture on that point. If those of us familiar with Dr. Wood’s work disagree, then we must help him with the facts he needs to connect all the dots, more dots. He is well able to connect the dots, as he has shown, and is obviously more on the trail to solving the mystery than anybody else we’ve heard.

    As a journalist, Mike King covers lots of subjects, not just the secret weapons of the New World Order. After 14 years it looks like we may have a champion. And by the way, Mike King HAS acknowledged Dr. Wood by name in at least one earlier article. This most recent article on the non-nuclear attacks on China and Russia is not the first article he’s come out with dealing with the DEWs used on 9/11.

    Dr. Wood has been trampled into the mud by the sell-out fake Truthers, but let’s not get so paranoid that we trash our friends. Instead, help Mike do his job. Give him the tips, and let him run with them. He is very GOOD at what he does!


  13. I am very worried about Dr. Wood and about her work. Dr. Wood, if you are able to read this, I’m telling you, you need new friends, and you need to check to see what people might be putting in your coffee! And you need to start doing your own interviews, and stop bringing your ‘friends’ around behind you to post on blogs. You cannot possibly be in your right mind to be allowing this kind of thing! I am surprised that anybody will listen to you or defend you as long as you allow these handlers to destroy your work!

    realiseyourefree August 18, 2015 @ 5:50 AM said: “Do you have any idea how much Andrew Johnson has done to support Dr. Wood’s book and evidence!…Clearly not! If Dr. Wood wanted to speak more she could, but most of what needs to have been said has already been said by her and you can hear this in ten years of radio interviews of which most are archived at Andrew’s website: Check The Evidence (link)”

    I have not read through Andrew’s whole ultra weird, totally Luciferian, and ultra crappy website, but it’s not true that Dr. Judy has no more to say and that people are not wanting to hear from her. And if all her interviews are archived on Andrew’s website, she needs to get them off ASAP!

    Dr. Judy, with friends like yours, who needs enemies! GET AWAY.

    First: If Dr. Wood has agreed to stop lecturing and speaking and allowing this MI5 agent/handler to swallow up her work on his website, somebody needs to put up a mirror of all her interviews NOW on a DIFFERENT WEBSITE, and that would be HER OWN website! And issue a disclaimer to any other website that may be co-opting her lectures and work. ‘Co-opting’ is the word Deanna used first, and I surely do see Deanna’s point. The co-opters are Andrew Johnson and Company (ie MI5, MI6 and/or Mossad and CIA?)

    Second: Whatever permission has been granted to Andrew Johnson to use Dr. Wood’s work and logos to publicize his own wacko website and discredit and destroy hers — TAKE IT ALL BACK, DR. JUDY! Do so on the grounds of defamation of character and deliberate undermining of your work! Dr. Judy, if you are reading this, I think people are putting something in your morning coffee, or worse! I know that David Dees is being abducted, as he has told his mailing list publicly, and then his memory wiped clean. And I am concerned that you, Dr. Judy, are undergoing some kind of similar mind control, and that you have got yourself into a den of vipers. I’ll tell you, that if you ever need a place to stay, you are welcome at my house. And I’m sure you have friends all over the world who would help you. If any of us get our throats slit for helping you, we’d consider it an honor!

    THIS IS A SNIP OF WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THE FRONT PAGE OF ANDREW JOHNSON’S ULTRA-EVIL, TOTALLY VILE WEBSITE DESIGNED TO DESTROY DR. WOOD AND ALL HER WORK: Note: [The last time I checked Andrew Johnson’s so-called “Check the Evidence” website, 2 or 3 years ago, he was devoting a third of it to his Hollow Earth lectures, which he claims is true — ala Lord of the Rings, another world in the center of the earth with its own sun, etcetera.

    And I didn’t see any listing of 10 years of Dr. Judy Wood interviews.

    From Andrew Johnson’s front page under Dr. Judy’s logo and title (and I have marked it off from the rest of my post, and God forbid anyone would read any of this and think I wrote it or anyone I know wrote it!



    “1. There is readily available photographic evidence which shows that there was once an advanced civilisation on Mars which built large structures and there is some form of life there now.

    “2. Advanced technology which could probably be used to circumvent most of our current problems has been developed successfully in Black Projects. This includes anti-gravity and free energy technology.

    “3. Extraterrestrial beings have been interacting with the human race for 1000s of years and do so on a daily basis, leaving various kinds of evidence.

    “4. 9/11 Was an Inside Job which used black technology as the main method for destroying the WTC towers.

    “5. The London Bombings were perpetrated by the Secret Services using devices attached to the tracks in the case of the trains and some mechanism other than a rucksack bomb.

    “6. Many of the world’s diseases and illnesses such as AIDS and Cancer have been either deliberately created or cures for them have been crushed out of existence using various unsavoury methods, primarily to serve the interests of the pharmaceutical companies.

    “7. Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon.

    “8. Most world religions have evolved over time in ways which have hidden or obfuscated the original knowledge and evidence on which they were based. The result has been a compression of human consciousness and a particular predisposition for a model of human spirituality based around the concept of a discarnate male entity known as “god”. As a concept, this is generally rather narrow, and not one which is useful in explaining the evidence for things like NDE’s and other instances of expanded consciousness.

    “9. There is an elite group of people who are directing world events according to some kind of overall plan, which may involve an intention to reduce the world’s population by a large percentage. This plan has been implemented using instances of

    “• False flag terrorism, Financial terrorism, Eco terrorism, Health Terrorism, • Intellectual Terrorism, as well tightly controlling the information which shows the above to be true.

    “10. The control plan has been implemented primarily through the military industrial complex and the international banking system, about which many people have warned us in the past.

    “To get past these significant problems, we need to look to a new paradigm with an open mind and a will to consider how we might “switch tracks” by sharing the information which has been given to us so far.

    “If we are to achieve a positive outcome, we must be ready to be humble, offer forgiveness, be ready to learn – without fear. In my view, we can no longer discharge all our responsibilities for our health, wise governance, environmental management and scientific and technical understanding to “official bodies” which have now (in industrialised or highly organised cultures) become the entities which define our reality.

    “This website is here to present these basic views as being truthful and correct with some volume of evidence to support this statement, and for readers simply to disagree with them if they feel the evidence is not valid.

    “This website was created to allow you the reader to evaluate the evidence for yourself. You are encouraged to share any information here which you decide is valid and “resonates” with you. It should be cross-referenced with other resources and your own world experience before you come to a conclusion about what it all might mean.

    “May we move forward, in peace, to a new age for mankind where we reconnect with ancient knowledge which may ultimately allow us to help other races elsewhere in the cosmos through periods like the one we are enduring now.
    About the Creator of CheckTheEvidence

    “Thanks for reading about me – it’s pretty dull, I am afraid…

    “I was born in 1964 near Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK – in (essentially) a working-class family and I am the youngest of 9 children. My Dad had no formal education and was an orphan at 12 years old. My Mum also had little formal education but always had an interest in science, the arts, and literature and had a very active and open mind. I was educated at Ermysted’s Grammar School (Skipton) and left in 1983 with ‘A’ Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies. I went on to Lancaster University to do a degree in Computer Science (with a minor module of Physics) and graduated in 1986. I then worked in Software Engineering (real-time software – process control and telecommunications) for about 6 years. I developed an interest in teaching and education and ended up spending 2 years as a lecturer on BTEC National and Higher National Diploma Courses at West Notts College. Dissatisfied with working conditions, I then moved back into industry (1995-1997) working in the field of Mobile Data. Following an attractive offer of work from a friend, I started to work at home, just before my daughter was born. I now do a range of part time jobs, earning most of my income from assessing disabled students for access to assistive technology for higher education. I got into this work through the Open University – I tutor part time on a course called TM129 – Technologies in Practice. I began actively campaigning about 9/11 (writing letters, speaking to people in the street etc) in about September 2004.

    “I am married and have 2 children who are now 14 and 16 years old – and they both now know that the towers turned to dust on 9/11 – and that this was not caused by Al Qaida or terrorists flying planes. They know the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails.

    “I try to answer all e-mails, but I get quite a few more now than I used to, so if you do e-mail me (or use the contact form) and it takes me a while to respond, please forgive me. Thanks for reading – and best wishes to you!
    And now for SOMEONE completely different…

    “We have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
    Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.

    “And there are things to be considered.
    “Where are you living? What are you doing?
    “What are your relationships? Are you in the right relation?
    “Where is your water? Know your garden.
    “It is time to speak your truth. Create your community.
    “Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
    “This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast.
    “It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
    “They will try to hold onto the shore.
    “They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.
    “Know the river has its destination.
    “The elders say we must let go of the shore, and push off and into the river,
    “Keep our eyes open, and our head above the water.
    “See who is in there with you and Celebrate.

    “At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
    “Least of all ourselves. For the moment that we do,
    “Our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
    “The time of the lone wolf is over, Gather yourselves!
    “Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
    “All that you do now must be done in a sacred manner
    “And in celebration.

    “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.”
    “The Elders, Hopi Nation, Oraibi Arizona

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    DR. JUDY AND FRIENDS: Can't you see what is happening? Are these people drugging you? I will be praying for you and I hope anybody who reads these posts will pray for you also. You need to start praying for YOURSELF. We are obviously all in a lot of trouble. Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this post or tuned in to what's going on — how anybody can be overcome by these mind control techniques the Luciferian megalomaniacs have in their bag of tricks. If they can get control of someone with a mind and a will like Dr. Judy Wood, then can get ahold of anyone. Look how they got the young Muslim man to sit silently in his fake trial and allow himself to be convicted of a crime he didn't do. David Dees is being abducted, and has said as much, and is PROUD of it. He doesn't mind that people are taking him away and messing with his mind, and blipping out his memories. He goes to a nearby cemetary and WAITS for the ships to come and take him away. He says he LOVES them.

    The Brits gave up their faith in God a long time ago, and almost everybody is into all kinds of occultic and weirdo stuff over there. Dr. Judy needs to get away from England and her British 'friends' who are NOT friends!


    • Whoopee! CAB can copy and paste. Two maters for you. 🍅 🍅
      Maybe Mr. King will now reward CAB and teach her how to steal intellectual property and leach hosting from other people’s websites?


  14. Looks like Andrew Johnson is mind controlled also — offering himself as a medium for another personality to speak through himself, and allowing it to stand on his own website as someone else speaking through himself. This is obviously not a man who is out to protect or help Dr. Wood. This is obviously an bought and paid for guy who is not his own pernow now, if he ever was his own person, ever. It has been obvious to me for several years that Andrew Johnson has been BOUGHT and is working day and night to destroy Dr. Wood’s work.

    All of Deanna’s readers need to PRAY FOR DR. JUDY WOOD and PRAY FOR DAVID DEES. Pray for Deanna, for Mike King, for all our friends who are trying to keep us informed and to fight for the Truth. The Bible says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities of the air.”


  15. Re the ‘young Muslim man’ who was silent in his fake trial, I was talking about Dzhokhar in the Boston Bombings. He sat through his whole fake trial in a stupor and remembered nothing and is totally drugged out and agrees to anything that’s told him.


    • Looks like CAB, though complementary to Dr. Wood is another anonymous internet noise generator!

      Who are you? What is your real name? Can we phone you up and help you to solve your problem? Or perhaps you are “mind controlled — offering yourself as a medium for another personality to speak through yourself, and allowing it to stand n comments on someone else’s website – as someone else speaking through himself or herself”.

      So, let’s see you CAB!! 🙂


  16. CAB- The image of the WTC 6 destruction at the top of page 206 (Figure 203) in WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? appears to be very similar to the 4/19 OKC terror event too. Is the evidence of molecular dissociation at the WTC and secret U. S. anti-matter research related?

    Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo/ 10/20/01 (Notice the combustible material that the shaft of sunlight is illuminating in the upper left corner. No visual evidence of high heat (Kinetic Energy and/or Thermal Energy) destruction here!


    Andrea Booher/ FEMA News Photo/ 09/27/01 (This better illustrates what is there and what is not there. Where did the middle of this 8 floor building go?)


    FEMA News Photo/ 04/25/95 (Notice the OKC circular cutouts similar to WTC 6 destruction.)


    Master Sergeant Preston Chasteen/ U.S. Air Force Photo/ 04/21/95 DefenseImagery.mil F-3203-SPT-95-000023-XX-0198 (Notice the “toasted” cars similar to WTC destruction.)


    KOTV File Photo/ 4/19/95 (Why are cars fuming on the other side of the street?)



    “It almost defies belief, the amount of explosive force available in a speck of antimatter — even a speck that is too small to see. For example: One millionth of a gram of positrons contain as much energy as 37.8 kilograms (83 pounds) of TNT, according to Edwards’ March speech. A simple calculation, then, shows that about 50-millionths of a gram could generate a blast equal to the explosion (roughly 4,000 pounds of TNT, according to the FBI) at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995.”



  17. Thank you, EG. Great links that I will forward to Mike King and take a good look at them myself, but math and physics are not my strong points. But I think Mike King is up to the challenge.

    Are you allowed to send private emails? Can you get Dr. Judy Wood to disassociate her name and her work from that horrific and super-embarassing CheckTheEvidence website of Andrew Johnson?

    And are you able to ask her to please contact her friends to set up some lectures?

    And would you ask her to please stop appearing publicly with Andrew Johnson and stop letting him blather on and make a fool out of her? In fact, would you ask her to tell Andrew Johnson to just shut up and stop speaking on behalf of Dr. Wood altogether?

    Maybe you could ask her to contact some of the hosts on RBN to set up some interviews. Ask her to do please do them without Andrew Johnson.

    I will forward your valuable email to Mike King. I hope he is not discouraged or disheartened from going near the subject of the DEWs used on 9/11 — after the horrible treatment he received from the horrible handler people of Dr. Wood on this blog.

    Also, if you know these awful people who are messing with Dr. Judy Wood, would you try to do your best to see that they do not also try to mess with Deanna? She is a very good and kind person who trusts people too much — just like Dr. Wood does.

    And please warn Dr. Judy not to let her faith in God be destroyed by the Luciferian and occultic religious beliefs of Andrew Johnson and any of the other people who may have attached themselves to her, for nefarious purposes.

    Thanks again for the great links.



    In Dr. Wood’s book, the closest she comes to “naming a weapon” is merely describing what it creates: magnetic-electrogravitic-nuclear reactions (page 365). But as soon as someone starts talking about a name, people will stop looking at the evidence which is another form of a cover up.

    Early on, Steven Jones created a website he called “The Journal of Nine Eleven Studies” or J.O.N.E.S. It is referred to as a “peer-reviewed journal” but the only peer-reviewing was to screen out true scientific work and post what he wanted his followers to believe. For the first two years, it was primarily used to promote disinformation about Dr. Wood’s work. For example, Jones recruited a patent attorney for the oil and gas industry (James Gourley) to write hit pieces on Dr. Wood, refuting “ray beams from outer space.” This convinced his readers that “Judy Woods” must be talking about “ray beams from outer space” and that “such nonsense has been refuted.” Refuting false propaganda about Dr. Wood’s work does not refute Dr. Wood’s work — yet it creates the belief in the average person that Dr. Wood’s work has been refuted.

    Steven Jones and Greg Jenkins also claimed that it would take more than five times the world’s energy to destroy the WTC towers. Does that mean their thermite came from off planet or “outer space”? LOL Steven Jones used to ridicule Dr. Wood during his talks saying that “Judy Woods needs to make calculations to see if it is even possible to turn the buildings to dust”. But any reputable scientist knows that calculations are not a part of observing empirical evidence. What are the calculations for, to prove the buildings are still there or if the buildings are gone? Why not just look? No assumptions needed with empirical evidence.

    The bottom line is that no one has refuted anything in Dr. Wood’s book nor can they. They only refute their own false propaganda about her book, not her book. Other detractors claim that “she hasn’t identified the weapon that was used so she’s got nothing.” To the contrary. The evidence is PROOF that there exists a technology that can do what was done. It happened. That is, the fact that the buildings mostly turned to dust in mid-air shows that there exists a weapon that can turn buildings into dust in mid-air. It happened.

    by Dr. William L. Baker*

    “The effects can vary in the type of damage mechanism (e.g., blast/fragment, thermal, or ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE [c-DEW: been there, done that]) as well as the magnitude of the energy deposited on the target so that it will be just enough to defeat the target while minimizing collateral damage.” (for example, only buildings with a WTC prefix)

    “Scientists will have to overcome technological hurdles, such as the production and storage of antimatter, the ability to propagate sensory information, OR THE ABILITY TO HARNESS AND EXTRACT ENERGY FROM THE ENVIRONMENT [Hurricane Erin 2001: been there, done that], before these science fiction concepts will become reality.”


    *Dr. William L. Baker retired on 1/2/10 as the Chief Scientist of the Directed Energy Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. With an annual budget of more than $300 million, the directorate is responsible for all of the Air Force research and development of lasers, high-power microwave and advanced optical technologies. The directorate conducts advanced technology research to support major applications such as airborne lasers, large optical systems for space situational awareness, airborne high-power microwaves, long-range non-lethal weapons and improvised explosive device defeat. The Chief Scientist is the directorate’s primary adviser on scientific and technical matters and the primary authority for the technical content and quality of the science and technology portfolio.

    Dr. Baker was born in Columbus, Ohio. He received his doctorate in nuclear physics from The Ohio State University in 1969 and served four years on active duty in the Air Force as a nuclear research officer. In 1973 he became a civilian scientist at the Air Force Weapons Laboratory where he performed and led high-energy plasma and pulse power research to develop new techniques to simulate nuclear weapon effects. His work in directed energy weapon technology began with high-energy particle beam weapons. Dr. Baker led a joint effort to develop a unique accelerator and used it to demonstrate stable beam propagation in open air. He then created and led the Air Force high-power microwave weapon technology program. As Chief Scientist, he led research and development on high-energy laser weapons technology and the application of advanced optics to space situational awareness. He is a nationally recognized contributor and leader across the entire spectrum of directed energy technologies. He has been president of the Directed Energy Professional Society for the past two years.

    Dr. Baker has written more than 50 publications in nuclear physics, plasma physics, pulsed power and directed energy.



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