Spingola and Friends, #58

Deanna’s guests today were Thomas Goodrich, author of Hellstorm, The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, Rape Hate: Sex & Violence in War & Peace, and more very interesting books, along with Kyle Hunt, radio host of The Solar Storm on Renegade Broadcasting and producer of Hellstorm, the Biggest Cover-up in History. (MP3)

One comment on “Spingola and Friends, #58

  1. This program was special. If the Main Stream (Jewish) Media is now doing damage control because perhaps critical mass is being reached with people finding out the truth about the so-called Good (but really BAD) War, it’s because of guests like these, also Dennis Wise, and I think David Dees also has something to do with it. Deanna is my hero for hanging in there, risking her broadcast career and her reputation in general and even I’m guessing personal and family disapproval, to stand up for truth. Who can say how many lives and terrible suffering may be saved as a result. Nobody knows the future, but it doesn’t look good if more people are not awakened to the truth about who our real enemies are and are not.

    I am already grieving and angry about what was done to Germany, and to the rest of the world — by the monsters running this planet, and still recovering from watching Dennis Wise’s documentary (Greatest Story Never Told) — but will go for the new documentary of Hellstorm on YouTube.

    If, as your guest Kyle said, a Jewish man wrote to him and said that after watching the documentary he has renounced being Jewish, that he is no longer Jewish — then that tells me a lot about what to expect. And that women are avoiding the film — but that if we were to watch it we might be the ones calling for sanity as the world hurtles toward more and more war and killing and torture. I’m already sick to death over all of it, how this War on Terror is turning Americans into the ultimate of barbarians. I hope I can handle this documentary.


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