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  1. Rodney Martin is a wonderful teacher, and gave a good summary of the pathos of once-free, powerful, and Christian nations celebrating their own past destruction at the hands of the Jewish world communist tyranny; actually celebrating all their millions of people slaughtered, raped, tortured, publicly hung and disgraced, their culture, power and infrastructure destroyed; how every free nation lost so much.

    Here we are in 2015, celebrating the so-called “Good War” and throwing stones at the peaceful and just nation of Germany which tried, in the most honorable and courageous and amazing way, to prevent war; and once war was inevitable who tried to stop the Jewish communist juggernaut, the takeover of the entire world by a few criminals. One tiny nation, Germany, almost succeeded in saving the rest of us from what was foretold would happen if they failed to succeed.

    And the key role that FDR played in triggering and deliberately orchestrating, scheming and planning to bring on WWII — America the Beautiful aka the USA, led by a really evil and conniving and manipulative (communist) man named FDR — one really stupid nation, elected a communist devil as POTUS and sat by and watched him methodically set up the planet, step-by-step, for World War II. FDR was as instrumental in bringing world tyranny, death and misery to the world as was Stalin and Mao. Maybe more so.

    The Bible warns us to flee this country, says ‘render unto her double as she has rendered unto others’ per Jeremiah 50 and 51 and Rev. 16, 17, 18 and elsewhere. I’ve been listening to Johnny Mueller’s Expat Files on Gary Null’s radio station PRN, and Guatemala sounds like a place to consider, with a perpetual spring climate and a hands-off government, and relatively easy to emigrate there and get residency status. http://prn.fm/expat-files-05-08-15/

    Deanna, I always hated history in high school, taught as dry facts, dots that were not connected, going nowhere. Well, thanks for helping me connect the dots and put some of the ‘facts’ straight that were taught totally wrong. You have succeeded in undoing/revising years of Jewish propaganda drummed into my head since I was old enough to read or watch television. You’ve turned me around from being a worshipper of the Jews and accessory to their crimes, opened my eyes to the truth about the Holohoax. You’ve increased my faith in God by the truth you’ve shared, and your example and that of the wonderful revisionist guests you bring on your program gladdens my heart.

    Thanks to RBN for giving you a platform to bring us these great programs. We need to pray for RBN, support them.


  2. Great show, as usual!

    An interesting point that Carlo Mattogno was making in regard to Evian Conference in 1938 is that Roosevelt opened the event with the strong suggestion that countries involved would not change their immigration policies in the near future. Is there a more blatant illogical inconsistency on the part of US stand since we all know what the purpose of that gathering was? Was that a pre-planned failure in order to inflict future guilt on various nations?

    For reference, an excerpt from Carlo Mattogno’s article: http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v08/v08p133_Mattogno.html



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