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    NK is saying that there was no gassing. That the data suggests that the Germans were trying to save the people.

    Both can be true. When there is typhus etc. they may gas people who have already contracted the disease in order to save costs and be able to spend the resources on the living. Ambulance people will know this they class patients and only save the ones who has a chance to recover. Its just that a historian may not know this.

    I am saying this because I was digging in reincarnation and there are people who can travel back in these past lives and they are saying there was gassing.

    This is a testimonial and is not documented evidence. I however believe them because I did the same thing and I know who I was in past lives and all the details match, and are logical.

    So again when you try and solve a problem you have to place yourself in not the analysts shoes, but the doer. The active party.

    You ask yourself the question how would I go about doing this? Is it possible to kill someone like this?

    The men are on the front, there is no food, there is no water, disease is spreading, morale is going, I need to get a grip and manage this.

    So how do I do this?

    The holocaust story is skewed because the story is not an accurate representation of the truth.

    (facts that happened, intent and original intent)

    Plus, its all classified and anyone saying there was no gassing immediately becomes a holocaust denier who is siding with criminals.

    The truth is that since most docs are still officially and lawfully classified, this is the system we live and so people can say what they want.

    The winner of the war can create a PR story, hide the docs, and doctrinate kids at school with this fake PR story that has no basis at all.

    So its declass that is needed or at least one needs to pose the question as to why declass is taking this long.

    Asking the question is enough.

    To die in typhus or be gassed in 3 minutes, I might pick gassing.


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