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  1. Deanna’s program today with Canadian Victor Fletcher is about the scariest, most eye-opening program I’ve ever heard you do, Deanna — and the forces of evil were out to stop you from broadcasting. Not only did all the technology for running the sound go haywire, but the phone system was also full of those echos that make it near impossible to converse and tell us we’re being monitored/taped by the NSA, CIA, the evil Mossad.

    I keep getting emails about poor citizens being beaten into oblivion, maimed and killed, by violent, enraged police on a killing mission. Something really awful is happening to the people.

    The information shared by the guest today tells me that not only is the system corrupt, but it’s Mafia-style corrupt with terrible tortures, murders, impoverishment, destruction of innocent people’s reputations. People who walk on the Dark Side commit the worst dirty tricks and evil cruelties to teach others a lesson about what happens to those who oppose greedy Zionists in any way. They live by lies and evil and dirty tricks because they have no virtue or truth to stand on, and truth stands on its own. They are left with nothing but the dirty tricks and the motivation of their wicked hearts corrupted by Talmudic/Kabalist religious/occultic lies that claim it is a virtue to be a wicked pig, to hurt and destroy others and defile the whole earth.

    Infiltrators – IMO are Mark Sircus, Andrew Saul, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer, Stephen Jones, LA Marzulli, True Ott, Pat Robinson, everybody (bar none) on MSM television, radio, movies, print media (except for local). Some of the “infiltrated” will be introduced into the MSM, people Glenn Beck, Dr. Oz, Judge Napolitano, but don’t ever think for a minute that you can really trust them. I wouldn’t bother the time of day for any of them, and they have only been elevated to another position to better influence the disenchanged.

    Infiltrated – Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, James McCanney, Daniel Ott, and just about anybody else on the Net you can think of, in one way or another, have been infiltrated. When I say “infiltrated” I mean people who once knew the truth but who sold out for safety or money or reputation — to one degree or another.

    Anything at all that’s mainstream is 100 percent about money. At least with Alex and Texe and some of the others it’s graywater rather than raw sewage. Anything on TV, radio, or in the print media (other than local news) — comes from a Jewish platform — which means lies, deception, and making money off evil, all to promote a Zionist worldview.

    At this point I only bother listening to a few people on the Net on a regular basis: Deanna, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, James McCanney, and Dan Corner who I have been listening to for 15 years. I check Patrick Timpone’s radio broadcasts for guests, and find at least one good one a week usually, but also a bunch of bad ones. Red Ice has some good guests about once every two weeks. Otherwise, I search on Youtube or websites to do my own research.

    The Bible describes a lot of horrific calamities that are coming our way because the people “would not repent of their sorceries.” Deanna has had many, many programs on using drugs and other techniques to put the Sheeple into a trance.

    I think the answer is to physically leave the Evil Empire even if we have to go live in a mud hut. It’s only a short matter of time before the Evil Empire (aka USA) will be obliterated from the earth. The Bible tells us (like 9 times) to flee Babylon, and describes a nation very like America, a nation of cities and borders and lots of lakes and rivers and calls it “the hammer of the whole earth,” the “hindermost nation,” and one of “mingled peoples.” Jeremiah 50 and 51, Rev. 16, 17 and 18 describe the destruction.

    Most important: get a couple Bibles (ie KJV and maybe a NIV to read for context)…and read and study it. Biggest and best dose of truth you’ll find anywhere, and it’s our guidebook to walk through the land mines. Do listen to Dan Corner sermons online,, buy his book Believers Conditional Security. Keep listening to the Net, keep talking to people like yourself to encourage and enlighten and share helpful information. Avoid the commercialized parts of the Internet, stay away from Facebook other than for business — but do post your opinions even tho it can get you killed. Use the Internet for the great tool it is to warn others. It’s our Christian duty, and we will do this anyway if we have an ounce of human decency. If we don’t do something, we will end up like the lazy servant Jesus taught about in the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25 and end up being thrown into outer darkness by an angry and disappointed and thoroughly disgusted Creator, Master, saying, “Throw this wicked and slothful servant into outer darkness with weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    We are all given abilities and opportunities to serve God, and if we don’t then those are the final words that will ring in our ears as we go hurtling into the darkness ever farther and deeper and darker for ever and ever. Jesus said those who love the light will come to the light because their deeds are good. Those whose deeds are evil hate the light and love the darkness. Life is a test and a sifting ground and Heaven will be filled with people who love God, who love Truth, who love light … and there won’t be any gossip or backbiting or rivalry or foolish pride over who is the greatest. God absolutely hates that kind of stuff, and Jesus even warned his own disciples one day that they were in danger of Hell because they were arguing over “who was the greatest.”

    We have to ‘get real’ as the saying goes, get humble, be ‘like a little child’ when it comes to having guile or being a two-face — as Jesus taught. If Jesus’ disciples were in danger of Hell, then so are all of us. The Bible says, “If the righteous scarcely are saved, what will happen to the wicked and unbelieving.”

    So if some of us wonder at people like Deanna and her guest, and others we know who seem to put their safety and own comfort down at the bottom of their list of priorities in favor of trying to help and warn others and get the truth out — it’s because these have their priorities set right. This life is short, and we are going to give an account. We are stewards, here to serve and to be tested. We’re not here to party and be entertained and to engage and hate mongering and gossip against our neighbor, or plottings in how to hurt and steal from him.

    We must pray more. A lot more. The Bible says the true believers in the last days will “do exploits.” I do thank God for people like Deanna and Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Daniels and some others. The guest today is someone I’d never heard of, but his courage is astounding, and shows his devotion to righteousness and truth, and the reason why he’s still walking among us, obviously, with so many people in high places who have sent their lieutenants and technology in to off him.

    Goes to show the power of Truth. And the Bible says God uses the small and weak things of the earth to confound the mighty and gives us mighty weapons to accomplish that, to “tear down strongholds.”

    I think it’s really important to avoid watching television. I subscribe to Atheist Commie AlterNet as a way to find out what “they” are thinking. I get all I need from the headlines, don’t even read the articles. The Left is more flexible to adapt to the changing trends of the ‘restless masses’ and comes up with synthesis of the dialectic these and antithesis going on.

    The Right are just a bunch of Jewish Wannabees ready to blow up the planet for Jesus and they never change much — although I do see a movement away from the TBN style Calvinist style Zionism toward Holiness with people like Jesse Morrell and Kerrigan Skelly and Mike D’Sario online. But Christianity in America is part of the problem, more than the solution, in my judgment.

    I don’t ever listen to WND or much of anybody online either on a regular basis because most of them are sold out, but I do catch Texe Marrs and James McCanney every week, even tho I have huge differences and disappointments with Texe and think James McCanney is off the cliff in a lot of what he says, but I respect his honesty and his genius and his courage, so I am willing to give him a listen for the gems he does drop into his programs. I think Texe is pretty brave also — so I’ll give him a temporary pass on some of his more outrageous shenanigans and outright warmongering against the Muslims, and just write him privately before I speak out further. Texe will fool you and he goes back and forth, depending which week you listen to him.

    It’s crucial for us to ‘guard our hearts and minds’ as the Bible warns, because ‘the issues of life flow from them.’ That’s our job to do that, not God’s. Proverbs says, “Buy the truth and do not sell it.” It is the Pearl of Great Price, and Jesus taught us that he is Truth personified–the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    If we trash our minds, our hearts will be the next to go. The best way to trash our mind is to watch television or listen to Jewish hate mongering and warmongering, and/or the depraved, distracting and corrupting Jewish “entertainment.”

    The next best way to go skipping merrily down the broad road of destruction that Jesus taught us about is to hang out with bad people, and that includes people who are only living for themselves and “fun, food and popularity” as Dan Corner teaches.

    I’ve learned so much from Dan Corner’s sermons. He’s a sober and truthful guy who treats the scriptures with the respect they deserve, doesn’t mishandle the Bible for his own agenda. I have not ever found anyone like him, but one good teacher is all we really need, and if you want a teacher in addition to your own brain, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus’ words in our Holy Bible, then I recommend Dan Corner,


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