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  1. Hi Deanna,
    Thanks for another great show with Mark. It’s so crazy, when confronted with certain facts, to think that certain events in history haven’t collapsed years ago. However with so many of my beliefs completely inverted I can still feel guilty. I’ve read so much in the last five years (probably more than the previous 44) from you and Veronica Clark to Nesta Webster’s 1938 book and Harry Elmer Barnes, yet with the latest in Paris the BBC are pushing the fact that jews are thinking about leaving. As Teresa May says, like France, that Britain wouldn’t be Britain without her jews! Isn’t it convenient that Amchai Stein deputy editor of Israel’s IBA Channel 1 happened to be on a nearby roof to film the terrorist event. I can’t remember the source so maybe this is hearsay from somewhere(?).
    Trying to keep this short I’d like to quickly add to Mark’s movie comment. In Enemy at the Gate, Ed Harris the German sniper is greeted by the officer who complains that it has become personal for Hitler and he wants them to fight over a bit of wasteland. Harris gives the appropriate disapproving gesture. However only 10 minutes earlier Bob Hoskins as Krushchev has an officer shoot himself and tells the others that if Stalingrad falls the whole country will fall!!!!
    Thanks so much for what you do,


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