One comment on “Spingola and Friends, #28

  1. Deanna, this was one of your best programs ever. I’m forwarding to my mailing list, and will listen again to it. There’s so much in it. You and your guests were getting down to rock bottom truth on this one — and I agree that this film and the information about WWII and what was done to Germany is not told to the world, if WWIII is allowed to snowball ahead as it’s doing with all the war propaganda, that the people who pulled off the cruelties that you discussed that match anything every done in history will seem like child’s play compared to what’s coming when these people get their way.

    Jews are cruel people. They hate God and man.

    It took me a long time to wake up to the truth about what happened in Germany, the horrors that were done to Germany, that Germany tried to avoid the war in every way possible and fought honorably, always seeking peace. You learn a bit here, a bit there — that Pearl Harbor was orchestrated, that FDR set it up so he could get us in the war — but the full horror of it as to how thoroughly wrong and unjust the allies were in the whole war, that we were actually fighting for Jewish Bolsheviks to conquer the world for a cruel world Jewish communist tyranny — took me awhile to come around. Dennis Wise and Mike King pushed me over the edge into the land of the cold hard truth about who the Evil Empire really is. I learned a lot from Texe Marrs about the religion of Judaism. Unfortunately Texe is not willing to tell the truth about the religion of Islam, and is spreading the hatemongering lies right along with the best of them when it comes to the propaganda against the Muslims.

    Dr. Judy Wood has gathered the evidence gathered in the investigation of the crime scene of 9/11 — boxes and boxes of audio and video tapes, transcripts, interviews, pictures, and we now have the complete picture. Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to want to find out. It’s such shocking information to learn the truth, which is so much different than the crazy Jewish controlled media told us, and then the 2nd tier Lies dished out by the Fake Truth Movement with Alex Jones and the A&E people and their thermite paint and micro-mini-nano one-directional nukes nonsense, Silvia Smallstorm and the Loose Changers and all that stuff which was mostly pure lies.

    Anyway, to face the pure horror of what the U.S. did to wage another of its evil wars against the people of the world back in WWII — I’m not looking forward to watching this documentary, but I will force myself. I will also continue to try to keep my friends and family and email list posted with new information I find, including a link to this broadcast. I will post on YouTube and anyplace I think a truthful word will draw a few more people in out of the matrix and back to reality.

    I may post some more on this program after I listen to it again. I will also be praying for this documentary to go smoothly and that it will open a lot of eyes to the Truth. I resolve to do this, to pray earnestly and continuously because I think it’s that important this film succeeds in gaining a speedy completion and a wide audience.


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