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  1. It was great to hear this guest blast the ‘fracking’ Banksters and War Industry and greedy corporates. But it was torturous to me to hear her use her artistic and antiwar platform to deny the existence of Jesus and to promote paganism, Druidism, nature worship including worship of water and crystals.

    NWO much? This is exactly what is described in Romans 1:18-23.

    This guest broke my heart by her attack on the Bible and Christianity, her claims that Jesus never existed.

    It hurt, a lot, to hear her deny Jesus so strongly and blatantly, claiming He “never existed,” that “all the people who wrote about Jesus did so long after the time he supposedly lived and died.”

    Her claims are just 100 percent false. In fact, the birth and death of Jesus, and circumstances of his life, were predicted many hundreds of years BEFORE his birth. And within a few years of his death his disciples and people who knew him first-hand described his life as witnesses, their stories agreeing, and Christianity spread like wildfire all over the known world within a few years of the crucifixion of Jesus, his followers spreading the message everywhere.

    We only need two witnesses to prove something, but there were many witnesses to the life of Jesus, who wrote about him, before and right after his death, suffering and dying for their faith in the same manner as Jesus did himself. Peter was crucified, as was Jude and James and other authors of New Testament scripture. The oldest NT scripture is Revelation, which was written by John, 80 AD. These were not people writing fiction, but apostles who had lived and ministered with Jesus.

    This guest says she was raised Catholic, and Catholics are discouraged from reading the Bible, so maybe she just is not aware of these things. The religion of Catholicism is much different than the Christianity described in the Bible, say in the book of Acts — so perhaps that’s why this guest is so off the mark about her claims about Jesus and the Bible.

    The prophecies of Jesus’ birthplace and circumstances in the Old Testament describe Jesus to be born in Bethlehem of a virgin, that his name would be Emanuel meaning “God With Us.” In Psalms the scriptures describe his death on the cross, that men would cast lots for his clothes, that he would be buried in a rich man’s tomb. While on the cross, we’re told in Psalms, that “all his bones are out of joint, that he is marred more than any man, that his friend who he trusted betrayed him, that by his stripes we are healed.” Many hundreds more prophecies about Jesus, given many hundreds of years BEFORE his birth. All fulfilled.

    What about what was written after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection? This guest said anything written about Jesus is fiction, that it was all written long after the event. Not so, not so. The truth is, other than the Apostle Paul, the people who wrote of Jesus after his death were the same people who lived with him, who spent every moment with him in ministry for the last years of his life. The books of Jude and James were written by the brothers of Jesus. I and II Peter were written by one of Jesus’ disciples, of whom we read much in the four synoptic gospels. The books of 1 and II John, the Gospel of John, and Revelation were written by St. John the Beloved, another apostle of Jesus who lived and ministered with him for 3 years and who stood at the foot of the cross while Jesus hung there dying for you and me. All the books of the New Testament were written by EYE WITNESSES and all but John were martyred for their faith.

    The Bible is like no other holy book, written over literally thousands of years, by many “holy men of old, moved by the Holy Ghost,” whose stories mesh together. The Bible was not written by some unknown entity who went into a cave and stuck his head in a hat and channeled some words and came out with the Bible. The Bible tells a complete story about everything that matters in this life, about Creation, Judgment, Righteousness — it tells us about who God is and what God wants from us, what we can expect when we die. It has instruction in righteousness and warnings to us that we are accountable to our Creator to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God, and that we will be judged by him when we die. We are accountable, and God is not electricity, not water, not some kind of unfeeling “force” — or “Mother Nature.”

    God is all-powerful, all-knowing, holy, self-existent, and the creator and source life and all that is. God created the universe — not the other way around.

    Romans 1:18-23 describes this whole process of turning away from belief in God the Creator, to believing in and worshipping the Creation instead. And the Bible says that there is no excuse for anyone to not believe in God, for God reveals himself in HIS Creation, not the other way around.

    Gnosticism, Druidism, Earth Worship (ie Wicca)…this is not the religion of mercy and love of fellow man as this guest says. Rather, it is child sacrifice, orgies, and exaltation of Lucifer and hedonism.

    I agreed with this guest in her description of the evil things being done in the world. I do not agree with her emotional and self-destructive solutions of turning our backs on God and the Good Book that is our only best light to see our way through these dark days and be able to stand before God some day and hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Deanna had it right when she quoted the parable of the lazy servant/steward Jesus taught, that we are accountable to God to bear fruit with what God gives us to work with. This guest is using her great talents to write poetry, sing and speak to glorify silly pagan gods (water and crystals), and to deny Jesus. Jesus said if we deny him, that he WILL deny us before the Father.

    Her advice to tell off the girl at the credit card company, blame her for the Banksters’ wars, is also not an effective or sensible way to make a better world. This guest was big on enthusiasm and charisma — but very short on wisdom or truth.


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