One comment on “Andrew Johnson ~ Dr. Judy Wood

  1. It was great to hear from Dr. Wood again. Miss her. Her work should be front and center of everyone’s discussion, since the world is falling apart, or blowing apart, around us because of it. It would have been much better to hear her speak for herself. Andrew Johnson cannot and does not speak for her, although he tries to, tries to take credit for her work. Please get Dr. Judy back on soon — alone. We want to hear Dr. Judy, not Andrew Johnson. It was very disappointing, hoping to hear from Dr. Wood and instead Andrew Johnson droned on, saying nothing, pointing people to his silly website and taking credit for Dr. Wood’s work, which he had absolutely nothing to do with, and has never risked a penny of his money, or his job, reputation, or personal safety to bring the truth of 9/11 to us as Dr. Wood has. Nor has he the training and genius to examine the mountains of 9/11 crime scene evidence, the countless hours of videos, audio tapes, pictures, thousands of transcripts, and make sense out of them as Dr. Judy Wood did in her amazing, huge website, or in her textbook. Dr. Wood’s textbook Where Did The Towers Go is in a category all its own, one of the most important books ever written.

    Dr. Wood’s work is momentous, and she herself is a heroic and principled woman gifted by God with a talent and inspiration to break thru the media hype and lies to bring us the truth about 9/11.

    Dr. Wood has lectured all over the world, has taught college classes, has risked her life to bring us the truth. Please bring her on soon again, this time alone, so we can hear her. I have no interest in hearing Andrew Johnson. I search the Net quite often looking for interviews of Dr. Judy, and was so hoping to hear the latest news, from HER. It was frustrating that Andrew Johnson hogged up the whole interview (as usual) and bored everybody straight off the show. It is so infuriating to hear him claiming credit for Dr. Wood’s work and pointing people to his “Check the Evidence” Hollow Earth website which promotes another world inside the earth, like Lord of the Rings. He is discrediting her and her work on every side.

    I guess we should not be surprised that a handler would be sent in to control her and destroy her work.

    Anyway, thanks, Deanna, for trying.


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