Veronica Clark — 5 Comments

  1. If I worked for the Mossad, I would leave many White Nationalists alone…, to stab each other in the back; It would be the best strategy.

    • leibnitz,
      There was a little psyop gag conducted by me, Max French and a guy named Ahmed to simply mess with these vicious clowns and they went ballistic. It ended nearly nine months ago. These vicious clowns apparently can’t take a good joke. I agree with you though. The Troof movement is over. So is WNism. They ripped themselves apart. lol

  2. We’ve known that for awhile! 🙂 I totally get Veronica. She’s here to fight the Identarians rather than the Jew. You all can figure out why.

    • Says the fool who uses the picture of a Jewess, ‘Molly Crabapple’ who works for on his website, ‘’. Just because you don’t know how to use google, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t, Joseph Sigur. Yea, I totally ‘get you’ Joe Sigur. LOL!

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