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  1. I am open to the Truth — about the holocaust, the numbers killed, if people were gassed, the truth about the horrific bombing of Dresden. But when I hear “white people” this and that — you lose me. The people who bombed Dresden were white people. The people who instigated the wars and bombing, white people. What does white people, mixed race, all that stuff have to do with ANYTHING? I love Deanna, and I am trying to understand her perspective on Hitler, and I’m wide open to listen. I do not trust anything the media has told me about much of anything. But why are we supposed to hate one race and love another, and what is the virtue of racial purity? I don’t see that in the Bible. I know other people do, the seed serpent (BS), mark of Cain being a black skin, and the Christian Identity people thinking they have special genes that makes them “God’s chosen.”

    Is it really about DNA? Is that really what it’s about?

    When I read the Bible I see it’s not DNA at all. Esau had perfect DNA, but he spurned God for a bowl of soup. Solomon had perfect DNA and also spoke face to face with God and wrote 3 books of the Bible, but he apostatized and now he’s in Hell–so much for his DNA. Saul was chosen by God to be the first king of Israel, and then he turned out to be a rebel against God, committed suicide and went to Hell. The Bible doesn’t talk about DNA. It talks about our heart, about guarding it, and keeping a clear conscience. Hating people for being mixed or “not white” — aren’t most of the Jews white? What does it mean to be “white” anyway?

    The people who talk like this, could they please explain this to me? There are DNA tests people can take nowadays, cost less than $100 and will give your DNA background, so you’ll know for sure what you have, the mix of lack thereof, where your ancestors lived and came from. Do any of the people who talk about racial purity and “whiteness” have this information about THEMSELVES? If so, why don’t they ever talk about it, say, “I had my DNA checked, and found out I am thus and so,” so that way we know they aren’t talking from a vacuum, assuming they have superior DNA (whatever that means) and others do not have that special DNA.

    We are not purebred dogs. God is not in the dog breeding business. All the genes that are “out there” — that produce all the breeds of cats, dogs, horses, people, plants, animals — were all contained in the first creatures God made. By inbreeding the traits are refined and isolated. But is this necessarily a good thing? I know it can be a good thing, but not always and even not usually. Not for health, disposition or intelligence, none of that. The rulers of this planet, who are we all know the most evil people of all, are all very inbred. The tribes that are most warlike and into devil worshiping — also very isolated and inbred.

    Humans are all descendents of Adam and Eve. We are all made in God’s image. We all have something to contribute, something unique and special about all of us. To say that “whiteness” is something special, that it’s white against nonwhite, well what does the word “white” mean actually?

    I hear about White Supremacy, British Israel and Christian Identity, and they are the ones pushing this “whiteness” stuff, but what they’re saying is that semitic blood is the best blood, the true “chosen” people. I guess they’d say that Jesus had blue eyes and blond hair? I don’t know. What are these people saying? They just talk in generalities always. White, white, white, white.

    I have heard that if anyone has one drop of negro blood that makes them technical “not white.” I guess the purity was soiled, ruined? Is this the message? What can anybody say to justify this kind of talk? Is it the seed faith doctrine that Eve had sex with the devil and sex with Adam, and that twins were conceived and Cain was the child of Satan and his skin was black? Is that the basis for all of this vague talk by the CI and British Israel and other White Surpremacist people? If it is, that teaching I know is bogus, because the Bible says, “Adam knew (ie had sex with) his wife Eve, and she bore Cain.” That’s what it says. In other words, Adam had sex with his wife, she conceived (from HIM) and bore Cain. To say otherwise, is reading a whole lot INTO the scriptures, and also reading a whole lot OUT of the scriptures.

    I’m very troubled by this. If Hitler abolished usury, that means he gets my five star award for that. If he fought the war honorably, which is what I’ve learned he did, he gets another five stars. If he was fighting to exalt some race over another, hating some people and giving others a pass for their race…that part I do not understand. Are not the English white? Why was he fighting against the English? Who exactly is supposed to be the white people who have the special exalted genes that the rest of us don’t have? If somebody has lived in this country with ancestors going way back, like mine are, and has Native American and Negro and every other person mixed into their bloodline — that means — it means what? What exactly DOES it mean?

    Could somebody please explain this to me? I just really need to know why CI and British Israel people say they are Lost Tribes, but they have never gotten any DNA testing, but they are claiming this for themselves. If it’s so important that people are willing to kill and die over it, then why not just get a DNA test and find out what you’ve got, if you really are an appointed supreme person who must preserve his special genes by finding another genetically pure person like yourself.

    I’m a dog breeder, so I know about purity of the genes. But I would like to know why this is a good thing with humans. What is it that will be lost if people don’t stay to their own small inbred group? With dogs, you lose the price, there’s less value on a dog that’s not purebred, and if the dog has “papers” that makes him worth 3 times as much.

    Is it the predictability? That you know your children will be a certain way, that there are no surprise genes that might produce you a bad seed person? The Bible shows that anybody can turn into a “bad seed,” even an apostle of Jesus who lived with him and was his disciple for 3 years, who had given up all to follow him, who went out and preached and healed people, but he turned away and betrayed Jesus and is in Hell. Many others also. There are non-Jews in Jesus’ genetic background, like Ruth and Rahab and others.

    Can someone please explain how this works?


    • You have a lot of questions. Having read your enquiring comments, it seems you are looking for “the right group” to belong to, or at least to say, these are “the good guys”. Ultimately, all groups are made of individuals – internally disagreeing with each other.
      There are two opposing basic political principles, which, I hold, are at the core of all political positions; and, perhaps, your lack of satisfaction.
      What makes the “Jews”, & therefore, the British & US corporations evil, is: a Preaching opposite to the Practice.
      Zionist “Israel” IS, and always has been, National Socialist – for themselves; while encouraging other natural groups to forsake & deny their own nation (natural group). Hitler’s fundamental realization, from which his political philosophy was built, was that a particular mixed-race race had created International Socialism; calling for the “end of all nations.” Yet, at the same time, this same group, racially united in this work, was pushing for its own National Socialist racial/religious state: Here lies the hypocrisy.
      Hitler made explicit what should be perceived as one of the simplest principles of political philosophy: The different races have their own natural habitats; & this is more important than money.
      This very principle would have prevented “the white man” invading other nations; a British-USA thing.
      The Germans applied the principle to others as well as themselves. They applied it to “the jews”, but it was not reciprocated. Leave other natural groups, large & small, to have their own natural privacy. All economies are for the well-being of the individual peoples.
      I began by saying there are two opposing political principles. Yet, one of these was false, i.e., the claim for everybody to disown their own nation for the greater good of humanity and a universal brotherhood. Hence, the one that does not require an opposite, is the Racial National Socialist position; minus the hypocrisy. The confusion lies in the National Socialism of one group that believes in Internationalism for all others.


  2. I also had another thought. Christian Identity claims they are the lost Jewish tribes, the real Jews. They say they are real Jews, that the Ashkenazi Jews who are Kazars, religious converts, are fake Jews, but they are true Jews whose blood has the real deal DNA. I know CI people are also White Supremacists. Are they saying the real Jews are white, and the semitic people whose DNA definitively shows they go back to Abraham, but whose skin is brown — that these are not real Jews. Are they saying that Jesus had blue eyes and blond hair?

    Is Aryan blond hair and blue eyes? I don’t understand.

    I don’t really know what exactly they teach. I’ve looked into Eli James’ stuff to some degree, and I can’t figure it out, it does not compute; and to me it’s like an idea people want to have and they are making up the supporting facts as they go along, but the facts don’t stick and the supporting facts contradict each other.

    The Aryan race thing, I don’t get that either, the definition of it. What kind of DNA is necessary to be considered an Aryan? And what exactly is the virtue of this kind of DNA, the reason why it’s supposed to be special?

    What’s with the Superman stuff of the Nazi teaching? Who are the Supermen, and where do they hail from? Anybody know the answers to this?

    I admit I like the idea of variety of peoples, and if the whole world all had the same skin color and hair color and eye color and bodily form I think I’d miss seeing the differences in people and races. The differences make life more interesting. I like variety. But I don’t think one race should be held up over another, and I don’t think there should be laws or persecutions of people who cross over races and fall in love and have children. Those children are beautiful, and they will have a variety in their own families, if you like variety, which I do.

    The genes are made as they are, and will always pop up, and you can never meld all the genes into a homogenous mush, unless the inbreeding happens. We all agree that inbreeding is not a good idea.

    About the only good purpose I can see for this kind of talk, favoring lesser or greater degrees of inbreeding — is if you are a dog breeder, or a cat or horse breeder. Or goat, sheep or cattle breeder. If you’re looking for certain specific traits, predictable traits. I’ve noted that with cats, you can get a “purebred” cat out of two mongrels, and that’s happened a lot. I had Maine Coon cats that looked 100 percent purebred that came from a calico and a yellow tomcat. If people asked what kind of cat, I just said “Maine Coon.” I had a cat that looked like a purebred abbysinian cat, but was not. The genes are there, in the pool, and they pop up.

    But with the CI, White Supremacists, British Israel people, I’m not sure what exactly their point is, what they consider a “good gene” versus a “bad gene” and what the exact kind of purity they are looking for is? Is it the brown skinned semitics? Blond hair and blue eyes? Any particular reason for any of this that makes sense or is consistent with all the claims made by these groups for all their points?

    One other point, for what it’s worth. I watched the video with great interest, and I knew that Hitler loved animals. I did note however that the German Shepherd in the video was cowering at Hitler, and the children, many of them, were pulling away. I don’t know the significance of this, or why it was. But I’m just noting this, that even tho Hitler seemed to be delighting in the dog and the children, the children, or maybe a third of them, were pulling back and some seemed a bit alarmed by his advances. Maybe that’s just normal child behavior with adults. But one other thing, from my woman’s intuition, is that the eyes of Adolf Hitler are not nice. They look very mean to me. They say the eyes are the window of the soul, and when I look at Hitler’s eyes they seem full of hate and anger. Maybe I’m seeing what I’ve been programmed to see — who knows?

    If I spoke German, I’d be able to make a better decision about Adolf Hitler.


  3. The history of the NS worldview, the atrocities of the 2nd world war and AH have nothing to do with CI which is british israelism. I reject british israelism wholeheartedly!

    CI has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, his Gospel and the NT which is against imperialist and enslaving mankind from colonialist forces, like spain, french, britain, belgium and america. You may say, busted all white people countries. Wrong! The warmongering antichrist forces always were the kabal of collective judaism and their lackeys..


  4. Truth is a precious commodity in this ocean of deceit. Very informative. Thank you for this great podcast!


  5. Disgusting site full of Hitler idealisation. Celebrating Hitler’s birthday. I can’t believe you Neo-Nazis. Just disgusting.


  6. I’m still trying to find out what a Nazi is. Does it stand for eugenics? What does it mean to be a Nazi? I’m asking a serious question here. I know what it is to be a Zionist, and it doesn’t get any lower than that. I know KKK is racist and occultic and just wicked. I used to think I knew what being a Nazi was, but now I’m not sure. I do know that most of what we’ve heard about Hitler is lies, spread by the Jews who own the media, perpetrating a big hoax, so that we’d feel sorry for them and help them take over the world. (horrors)

    I’d still like to understand more what it means to be a Nazi. Skinheads are neoNazis, yes? They are racists, white supremacists? That’s just pure evil. I hear that Israel has built concentration camps in the desert for blacks, and is demanding they get out of “their” country (that they stole from the Palestinians, claiming superir genes they never had, bunch of fakers, bunch of Polish religious Jews, changed their names to sound Jewish. Fake, fake, fake. Don’t you get sick of all these fakers? The Jews are the biggest fakers of all.

    Was the Nazi party in Germany just another political party, like Republican or Democrat? Or was it some special significance involving eugenics? That’s what I don’t understand.

    I just plain don’t believe in seed faith doctrine, because the Bible plainly says, “Adam knew (ie had sex with) Eve, his wife, and she bore Cain.” So there it is. The Bible is telling us that Adam is the father of Cain. We can’t read other stuff into that. God went out of his way to tell us that Cain was fathered by Adam.

    Is the Nazi party involved in this British Israel stuff, this seed faith stuff? My eyes are wide open regarding the evil Jews and their scam on the world, the horrors they have perpetrated on the Palestinians and even the rest of us by their wars and gangster bankster schemes. I see that most of what we’ve been told about the Nazis, and certainly the German people who were demonized by the Jewish propaganda media machine also. But what gives with the Nazi thing? Is it more than just a political party? Is it true that Hitler was into Blavatsky occultic stuff? Is it true that Hitler was the Third Reich (or Fourth, whatever)?

    Somebody, explain?


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