4 comments on “Deanna, Keith, Wade ~ Sandy Hook (4)

  1. This is Peter Klein, producer of the second Sandy Hook video you’ve chosen to analyze in your ongoing series. I don’t think waiting for you to complete your critique serves anybody, so I posted a response on my blog and a brief video to draw attention to it. I hope you’ll take a look…



    Hopefully, after hearing what I have to say you’ll at least ratchet down your conclusions of my work to merely poor research and unsupported theories. I could live with that, but can’t let accusations of deception go unaddressed. I’m sure you can understand.


    • Klein, a jew, trying to discredit the truth movement. How utterly unsurprising. Don’t you supremacist freaks have anything better to do?


  2. Getting people to donate before you tell them what to think gives them a vested interest in “committing” to the group-think. They have paid to fit in, and hence “want” the purpose of the group to be true. It is one of the first principles of mind control.
    Having said that, there is nothing wrong when real researchers have a Donate Button.
    The crowd will always “pay” to be led – it’s easier than thinking; but why shouldn’t Real Work be compensated with tokens that enable you to get real things?


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