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  1. WHAT A SHOW! And what a biased researcher this Gambill surely is!
    And all here and there are wrong concerning true Identity.
    Deanna, the Identity group I have been with for 5 years would NEVER send you any attacks or turmoil! Most likely those attackers were of william fincks gaggle as they are extremely violent and are known for years of attacks against others, in real life and on the web. What finck teaches is NOT scripturally sound and also defies documented greek and paleo world history concerning the races and more.
    I pray that someday you Mrs. Spingola will seek the libraries chock full, the mountains of his story and PROOFS OF Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and Kindred Biblical Israel all the way back to Nod and that which proves the Identity of the jooooo and its ancient, ongoing, and current blood lineage.
    What came first? THE enmity or the pope?
    Catholicism, the vatican, and most all popes are the hand of the kenite, of edom, of the jew as are countless others as seen in all annals of all time. There is also mountains of historical works that prove of Joseph of Arimathea and of the first congregation which the roman “church” destroyed to divert all from truth. There are NO “fake” jews as these impostors are most assuredly jews! There are indeed FAKE israelites, and judahites! And this is easily proven with study.
    ALL this is witnessed and is written, and must come to be.
    Bless you dear Deanna for the history you do bring us.

  2. The Self-defined watchman-for-Jesus needs to decide which metaphorical ‘Burnt Offering’ his words and course-of-life have demonstrated he believes in: The ‘burnt offering’ of Christ (Holo-caust, Entire Destruction of One Human Life) that enables the death of all others to be made useful and acceptable to God. Or, Satan’s Suggestion that “he” (Satan) has died (in large amounts!) for humans, to bring in the New World Order. It is one or the other – mutually exclusive.

  3. I did some checking on this guest. I think there are independent broadcasters online who are “tapped” — meaning the spy agencies tap them and write their scripts for them and feed them information, recognizing they are sincere, often religious people, but they feed them scripts. You can tell the stuff they read on their broadcasts are not their own, because they can’t pronounce the words. Ruby’s Table Talk is another such person, and I’ve heard others also. James McCanney talks about this kind of thing on his program, has warned people not to trust just anybody for information. One easy way I’ve found to weed out the spy-sponsored wannabes is to see how they treat 9/11: if they agree with the evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood, or if they present the A&E, Fake Truth Movement spiel. If not, then they are controlled opposition.

    It’s too bad there are only a few people online we can trust to be independent. It’s getting so I trust about 3 broadcasters, that’s it — and just rely on the Bible mostly.

    BTW, hope you get Dr. Judy on your show again soon, Deanna!

    • @Cab, sorry, but I’m not tapped or snapped or otherwise. I’m from the south and we pro-noose words differently from the rest of the USA. I can guarantee you that you won’t refute my information with facts but only denial. Get out of the fog and seek truth.

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