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  1. I used your search button to find this last broadcast you did with Hans. I had not heard him before — I am only recently awakened to the truth about WWII. I greatly enjoyed this broadcast, and the discussion of how lies are perpetuated and the truth is suppressed. The story of Germany is very sad, and it’s even sadder to contemplate that “Oh Most Proud” America, the “hammer of the whole earth,” the “destroying mountain” spoken of by Jeremiah, that was “once a golden cup in the Lord’s hand” and “we would have healed her, but she would NOT!”… so sad to realize that America the Beautiful is not such a shining city on a hill, but a Beast who crushes and destroys what is good and truthful in this earth, and the Bible says is headed to the worst judgment in history, as in “render unto her double as she has rendered unto others.” Considering what the U.S. did to Germany, that is not something I want to be around to partake of.

    I hope people will try to take a vacation in the spring, or better yet just sell your house and get away, leave the continent altogether, as the Bible repeatedly and emphatically warns and commands us to do.

    Jesus taught us that “The meek shall inherit the earth,” and Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this earth.” No wonder we see history as a river of blood, the innocent devoured by the powerful and barbarous ones. What a horror to contemplate the great suffering of the meek of the earth, but an even greater horror to contemplate not being included with the meek in eternity.

    I do believe the Bible is true, the only true thing we can depend on, that God is able and willing to give us a Bible we can believe and trust. I do believe Hell is real, and God will settle all accounts, and we should all be fighting for our souls and the souls of others in service to God and to Truth.

    Thank you, Deanna — and to these wonderful guests you bring to us.


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