Monday, Deanna ~ Holohoax — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Deanna, for your program of Monday, 1/27/2014. I am sorry you are having trouble with your sweet voice. You are so brave to tell the truth that is now so painfully obvious. All the disgusting monuments were like the stories about what a great general Eisenhauer was–disgusting lies all. Pretty soon the sheep who believe all that garbage and fear to stand against it will be imprisoned by the same people, and will probably suffer the same outcomes the Germans of WW II suffered.

  2. Hi Deanna,
    Just wanted to thank you for battling through your presentation yesterday. I’m ashamed to say that only two years ago I still believed in the hoax. Not now! It did not take long to convince my wife because really, it’s so obvious when you look at the facts, and she’s certainly not a push-over. Unfortunately my parents in law are starting to have doubts about me despite having been married to their daughter for 23 years!
    I was pleased to see Veronica Clark back with another book and in your interview, end of December, you asked some questions I was dying to ask so thanks for that. She really does incredible interviews, the depth and enthusiasm is amazing. Hopefully there will be more of those.
    I don’t want to go on too much but this site is a treasure chest of information that everyone should listen to. It’s my birthday next month which is when I’ll have the opportunity to start reading your second book.
    Many thanks for all you do.
    Best wishes, Brian

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