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  1. The best way to get into the healthcare field, get basic training and come out with a small debt and only a year of their time spent, is to take a compressed course in massage therapy, and in one year graduate with a license. A licensed massage therapist can do (pretty much) anything a chiropractor can do, and is free to use natural healing including essential oils and supplements, including to prescribe all the same supplements that chiropractors routinely prescribe. Things that will cost a medical doctor their license are protected by a massage therapist. Medical doctors who complete a massage therapy course and are licensed to practice massage therapy, can then be free to treat their patients with any and all natural therapies, including diet and supplements. A massage therapist is free to do whatever a chiropractor can do, pretty much.

    Licensed medical doctors are nothing more than forced dispensors of pharma drugs that kill, and since they have huge debt and all the time and effort put into obtaining this ‘license’ to be a slave to the killing industry. Dr. Daniels has brought that fact out loud and clear, and God bless Dr. Daniels.

    Dr. Daniels was penalized, and her name put on a terrorist list by the FBI, and her banks notified they had the right to confiscate all her money. She is not free to travel. If Dr. Daniels had a different kind of license, even one in addition to her medical license (such as a massage therapist license), she could practice natural medicine under that license.

    Dr. Daniels refused to prescribe narcotics, and even pulled back in horror from the results of all the other pharma drugs she was expected to prescribe. A medical doctor is put in the position of having to sell his soul.

    A better solution is to go into chiropractic in the first place. Failing that, Medical doctors can become trained and licensed in massage therapy, and practice their natural medicine under that license.

    Dr. Jerry Tennant is licensed to do eye surgeries, to be an opthalmologist, and he has other licenses in addition to his medical license, and he hops from one to the other so he can safely practice his innovative treatments and original discoveries in health. He also gives lectures in his new healing discoveries, and always announces beforehand that he is operating under this or that license that is separate from his medical license as an opthalmologist.

    Otherwise, medical doctors are dangerous slaves to a system that is designed to sicken and kill, and are NOT free to practice do-no-harm medicine. The standard of care for medical doctors could be summed up in one symbol — the skull and crossbones.

    Medical doctors are straitjacketed into a system designed to sicken and kill and not to heal. The sicker a person gets, the more ‘care’ they will require, and society will spend trillions and millions will be sickened, maimed, tortured and die. The diagnostic equipment is so expensive in itself and also causes and disease.

    After the expensive and damaging diagnostics are done, then the treatments themselves are expensive and deadly, whether surgery (don’t do it!) or the drugs (just say no).

    The whole medical industrial complex system of doing business leads to ever increasing sickness and death, spiraling into the trillion$ with no end in sight. The only incentive to the doctors is to find a way to dip into the bottomless pit of health insurance tacked on every sucker who steps foot into their office.

    The temptation to go along with the system is overpowering for most medical doctors, and they are corrupted by a system that was designed in Hell.

    Doc Wallach has made this whole scene crystal clear, and that guy is not afraid to call the devil by his true name. The system is designed (by Satan) to guarantee an ever-increasing supply of sick people to ‘treat’ with a magic money wand to pay for unlimited deadly drugs, treatments and surgeries. The result is a ballooning medical industrial complex that rivals the military industrial complex..

    It’s a ruthless, deadly industry. Anybody who finds themselves straitjacketed into it, should consider getting another kind of license so they can practice real medicine. Consider yourself protected and blessed that the system will not allow you to prescribe pharma drugs. If a medical doctor ‘loses’ his license, consider himself blessed!

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